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@Riftt 8/10 You got a cool thing going with the tabard and bow, and the pre-made set matches your skin color well. Try combining some sets for a more unique look.

Please excuse the armory's lack of helm graphic on my set. (it looks cooler in-game)
finally got my gloves off 25 man Sarth...swapped my bow back to heartstriker too i feel it fits the set better... bang 9/10
10/10 looks great
Might have to take it from yah :P
Im switching back and forth between some.
Didnt get rated on first page... so posint again.
@ environ

Epic..set.. 9/10 I actually really love it!
love the look of the shoulders and boot, very nice 10/10
I like the set Etim! Just wish the bow was red lol. Good job! 9/10

Its very..green, like Green Lanterny, yet different shades of green, with colors clashing with the maroon, and dark blue, gray and brown.

From a color palette stand point, imo, it looks like a mess, to be honest.

Also, that thick armor look on your short stocky human doesn't bode well with me with that thin looking hoodie and the over sized spike shoulders.

He looks like a reject from the frogman try outs Haha, j/k :p

Anyway, at the end of the day its what you're happy with that counts, but, that said,
the bow you have definitely looks awesome. I'd build a set around that too for sure, but if it were me, I'd work on everything else some more personally.

There is a dark green gladiator set that looks hot, it looks alien, you might consider giving that a look into.
7/10 Feels nice, I like the idea just some of the coloration in my eyes is a bit..off.
@chillzen 7/10 eye patch doesn't look good on a troll well at least that one doesn't imo
like the armor, maybe a different helm would really set it off
like the armor, maybe a different helm would really set it off

Always kind of liked that armor set, never took the time to PvP in Cata though so don't have it, but have seen a lot of hunters, atleast on my realm, using that xmog so I feel its a slight bit overused. 8.5/10
9.5/10 i like that tier :D
Looks like a terrible football uniform.
Just picked up dis gun, does it look orcish enough?
A double barrel shotgun covered in axe blades and spikes? the only way it could be more orcish is if it said zug instead of bang. And it works well with your shoulders.

I'm not really fancy or anything but here I am.
The gun is ridiculous. Cool but ridiculous, and specticals i am not a fan of. Think you should just take them off or xmorg for a real helm. Over all, like the blue, looks cool and brutal, but simple.

Looks good so far! 9/10

Good luck on the gloves/chest!

we're almost twins :O

10/10 looks awesome.

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