Enh: PVP Gearing for Players in 476 in 5.2

I noticed the power and resilience stats are tipped in favour of 476 gear this season, which means that it will be more efficient while gearing early on to choose one 493 item over another where the upgrade makes enough of a difference to be worthwhile.

Here is an example of the difference in stats between the complete sets:


(Items that are an absolute upgrade in terms of stats have been omitted)

So when you are finally in full 493 tyrannical gear you will have:

1530AGI = ~7% dmg increase
2287STA = ~6% health increase
1.23% Mast = ~0.57% dmg increase (based on 46.7% of enh dmg being elemental)
1.08% Crit = ~0.93% dmg increase (based on 16% > 17%)
1.04% Haste = ~0.55% dmg increase (based on 53.3% physical and not including additional maelstrom stacks generated by +haste and only casting at 5 mw stacks)

-1.71% power and -1.46% resilience = 3.17% less damage when hitting a full malev geared player.

Total damage increase = 9.05 - 3.17 = 5.88%

Theoretically the stamina increase is a defensive increase of ~6%, practically it allows you to survive one extra non-crit spell or ability. The practical side of stamina is most important here as in a pvp situation such as an arena, the only time the extra stamina gains relevance is when the healer is able to top a player off with unexpected healing crits that don't overheal the targets hp. This is very rare because a healer cannot predict when a heal is going to crit, nor is it a good idea in pvp to always aim to maximise healing efficiency. The relevance (or lack) of the extra stamina is especially noticeable when a team is going for the kill as the healer is often CC'ed when the target reaches killing range (~50%) hp.

Armor = 1% reduction in damage taken, but when we look at the top 50 3v3 arena teams from a random battlegroup (in this case, stormstrike) 42 out of the top 50 teams are either double caster or hybrid comps and a further 2 out of the remaining 8 include ret paladins who are hybrid damage dealers (both spell and physical). So, assuming your aiming for the top 50, armor is a 1% damage reduction 12% of the time, 0.5% reduction or, worst case 0% reduction the other 88% of the time.

TL;DR: Starting from full 476 gear: Upgrade items not included on the wowhead link first (above) (weapons asap), followed by everything else except the pvp medallion, which gets upgraded last.

As a final note: a higher AGI stat will make you burst higher inside trinket phases than equivalent pvp power does, so a 493 Tyrannical Geared player will be more 'bursty' than a 476 Malev. Geared player.
Hey buddy I know this isn't part of your post but I'm very curious. My shaman just hit 90 about 40 minutes ago. I live for pvp. I cannot decide whether to go elem or enhance. How has your experience been with enhance pvp? Main thing I dislike about elem, is it's easy to be locked out since everybody has 3 CC's 4 silences and 19 interrupts. (Exaggeration of course) lol. But any comments would be appreciated!! :)
I haven't played Elemental since Cataclysm, but I enjoyed it in bgs and with a mage in 2s and mage/healer in 3s. I imagine it's even more fun now with ascendance and, with 5.2, shamanistic rage. About interrupts, Elemental doesn't really have an issue with them as you have two options; you can either bait with lava burst or juke with a /stopcasting macro. I'd suggest watching videos of a shaman named 'Gundorix' on youtube, he is one of a select group of Ele Shamans who is able to consistently hit high arena ratings each season.

If we refer again to the Stormstrike top 50 3's teams against we see that there are 17 Restoration Shamans, 3 Elemental Shamans, and 0 Enhancement Shamans. So if you are serious about getting a high rating in 3s (and you don't mind healing), I'd suggest Restoration.

You will also have a hard time getting into good RBG teams as Enh, unless you are decent and have friends or guild members who know you are decent. Elemental Shaman's are highly sought after for RBGs for their potential to create opportunities for target switches with their high damage AoEs. Few RBG teams also go anywhere without a Resto Shaman.

This all sounds foreboding for Enh Shaman; in truth it is. My love affair with the Spec began in BC when I had one character - a scrub mage, and I came up against a good Enhancement Shaman in the 40s bracket using two Flurry Axes. My point is, if you are now level 90 and still have no real affinity for Enh over other specs, I'd suggest playing Ele or Resto.

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