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I have a late 2012 Macbook pro 15" w/ retina, which has run wow w/o any problems since I got it a few months ago. This past week, it crashed when I tried setting it to my external monitor (which I have done before regularly w/o any problems). Since then I haven't been able to log in at all. When I launch the game the screen either goes black or freezes on my desktop background and I never get farther.

I have tried turning off the firewall, running repair tool, have deleted WTF, Cache, WDB folders many times, ensuring automatic power dimming is off, run numerous system updates and hardware checks, ensured I'm using administrator privileges, and reinstalled twice.

I've opened a few tickets with Blizzard support that have gone nowhere so now I'm turning to the community. Any ideas?
Hi Eisbock,

Try doing steps 2-5 of our World of Warcraft Uninstall article to see if this helps.
That worked perfectly! Thanks!

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