Fish of the Day?

New in 5.2: Fish of the Day: On any given day, there is a location in Pandaria teeming with a type of Pandaren fishing pool.

Can someone explain how this works? Me no understandy.
There is a fishing trainer that will tell you where this is. The large pool at the location will spawn a boss after fishing it for a while.
I came across one of these in Krasarang wilds. there over a hundred small Krasarang Paddlefish pools and one large pool that I fished a rare creature out of. Died once fighting him but was able to continue fight after rezzing. The rare may be phased because there were two other players there who didn't even see the fight. (rare only dropped 20 Krasarang paddlefishes).
Wasnt phased from my experience. Ive seen others kill it besides me. Im checking if the large pool respawns after some time...
Go to Halfhill
Talk to fishing trainer.
He'll send you to a location with hundreds of pools. Fish away.

There will be one large pool at a time. It will have 100 catches. After the 100th catch, you get a boss type monster. This monster has just under 20 million hitpoints and is fairly easy to solo. Just move as he gets ready for his big attacks. Make sure you can heal though because it is a long fight. He is neutral until you hit him. When dead, he drops a stack of fish and has the chance to drop a quest fish, Nat Pagle's fishing book, the turtle mount and other things.

Only one large pool will spawn at a time.
Wowhead shows just fish, no mount, no book, for the Krakkanon
Wowhead's drop data is provided by players who're using the Wowhead client to register drops ect, it's a small addon and you just open it up and hit 'upload' every now and then.
The more people who run it, the more accurate Wowhead's drops and %'s will be!
I personally skew wowheads data by running it, as I'm the unluckiest player on wow with drops, if you spot something saying 0.0000001 drop rate, that's probably because I've been farming for it for 5 years ;p
This was a good thread! I was completely unaware of this fishing "boss". Heck, I have several fishing items in my bags and was wondering last night if I should keep them around.
For how much work Krakkanon is, you'd think the loot table would be better >.> At least add the new Carp pets, or maybe even a unique quest fish for Nat Pagle that only drops from that boss, or something... =( It's rather disheartening to spend 10+ min killing something to get 20 fish.
I have not seen a large pool since the first day:(

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