<All Shall Fade>Chopper Run *TODAY*

All Shall Fade is hosting their 1st Annual Chopper Run. This is open to everyone on the Lightbringer server and will take place at 3pm PST Saturday March 23rd.

We are a level 25 guild just transferred to the Lightbringer server; we are a social guild for all levels that does pvp, rbg, and old content for achievements and transmog gear. Once we have enough people we will begin raiding on a weekly basis new content.

These contests are something we will be doing periodically, we are all here to have some fun and a social event is just that.

The prizes are: (prize worth is based on current auction house prices)
The Grand Prize - [Mekgineer’s Chopper] worth 20k
Second Place – [Death Talon Whelpguard] worth 1k, a [Spirit of Summer] worth 1.2k and a (Captured Firefly) worth 5k for a total of 7.2k
Third Place – 2 stacks [Golden Lotus] worth 4k

The rules are simple:
Must have a level 1 gnome (NO Monks) (NO heirloom gear) (NO enchants)

No entry fee just be ready with your gnome at least by 2:50pm PST at the starting area

Must be in raid group – (race is open to first 40 entries) Will run from the gnome starting area to Booty Bay

You will be allowed to take the tram from Iron Forge to Stormwind

No hitching rides along the way…. (You “must” run the whole distance, if caught hitching a ride you will be disqualified)

NO Bodyguards, you can not have any friends clearing the path ahead if caught you will be disqualified.

Can take any route you desire except when you get to Stranglethorn you “must” run the road

Must check-in at check point along the way (check points will start in Stranglethorn). There are a total of ?? throughout the area and at each checkpoint you will open trade with the person standing there (raid markers will point out person) and receive your checkpoint item.

NO ghostwalking (you will be in a raid group so will be able to see how long you are dead if longer than average you will be disqualified)

The first person to “find” me in Booty Bay and opens trade (Must have all the checkpoint items) will win for Grand Prize, second person will win Second place & the third person will win Third place. For everyone else the checkpoint items are yours to keep.

Come out and join us for some fun and laughter. If you have any questions please feel free to post here or contact me, Kren, Ousto, Demoníca, Angerdrop or Cassielle in game. I look forward to seeing and meeting many new people. :)

I have been on this sever for over a week now and can't believe the difference in the whole atmosphere. The people on this server are extremely helpful and nice. I'm glad I made the choice to xfer.

Also would like to remind everyone that the Chopper Run is still on for March 23rd 3pm server.
However, if we don't have at least 10 contestants it will be cancelled.

Hope to see some of you out there. It will be a lot of fun. :)

Next Saturday is the day come out make a lvl 1 gnome with us and win a Chopper. Hope to see alot of people there. It's going to be fun :)

Only 5 more days till the Chopper Run. Hope to see you there :)
This sounds like amazing good fun. :)

And I must agree, it is a really great server. I started a Draenei DK on the server in order to get the double agent achievement, and have been tempted to transfer/faction change all of my alts here.
Well you are more than welcome to come join us this Sat and if you do decide to xfer over the door is always open for you :) Look forward to meeting you

Only 2 more days till the big Gnome Chopper Race. Come out and have some fun. :) Mark it on your calendar Sat March 23rd at 3pm server. Gnome starting area, it's going to be fun.
What were you guys needing as far as classes for raiding?
Hi Chachei First off I'd like to say that we have finally got a raid schedule in place with Tue/Thur 6-9 sever and RBG's Mon/Fri 6-9 server. However, we are still in need of tanks and healers at which we hope to be up and running by April 1st, which is just around the corner. If you're interested please feel free to contact me or my alt Cassielle in game, would love to visit with you.

Tomorrow is the day, come out and have some fun. Hope to see you all there. Tomorrow March 23rd 3pm server gnome starting area. Make a lvl 1 gnome any class except Monks and no heirloom gear. Be the first to Booty Bay and win a Mekgineer Chopper. We also use mumble for chat if familiar with mumble and would like to be in chat info will be given out before the race.

Today is the day come out make a lvl 1 gnome and join us for some laughs and fun. Win a Mekigneer Chopper. All details are listed above in the post. See you all there :)

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