Disregard - Oondasta is no longer CRZ

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***Disregard this thread - Oondasta is no longer CRZ***

Old post for posterity:

Hi, this is the official CRZ thread for Oondasta. If you're on a low-med pop realm and you need some assistance downing Oondasta, or just want to help the D&R community out, post your battletag here. After he's down, feel free to remove your battletag or edit your post to note he's down.

Note: So post your battletag when he's actually up! Thanks.

Compiled Oondasta Information:

-Lootable via CRZ
-Cannot be looted more than once a week on the same character, even with CRZ
-CRZ majority rules still apply, the most players need to be from the host server or it'll phase you off, so space is usually limited on low pops
-His spawn timer is currently undetermined, but it seems he has a long no spawn window followed by a spawn window, if you want to do Oondasta on alts you'll need CRZ with likely 1 spawn a week on most servers
-Some servers have killed it by dragging him to the GY. Others have claimed he can reset if you do this. Unconfirmed on what causes him to reset or if there's been any sort of hotfix.
-He's very difficult for raids of less than 80 pug players
-If you attack him with 150 or more players, he'll probably lag out and not do most of his abilities and just fall over
-It's very possible to get no loot if you're running back. Sometimes you'll get loot in your mailbox, but not always.
-The "fail sack" can have blood spirits in it. The name of the sack is Shiny Pile of Refuse
Oondasta is currently dead on Eonar-US.

Hit me up for invites or something I guess.
Invites the Horde!
The graveyard strat was hotfixed. He'll despawn if dragged too far

As of 5 minutes ago on Black Dragonflight, this has been proven to be untrue, as he did not despawn when we did this, and he went pretty far away from the GY as well.
Updated OP to reflect.

I'll say if I see him spawn on Madoran
We downed it on Eonar. 9:52pm Eastern. Thank you to all cross-realm help.

Possible US first Downloaded at 3:00ish today Mainly Server Crushridge with cross server help
I just killed Oondasta cross realm. I got the "fail bag" but I also rolled a coin. It said that I was ineligible to receive loot from that boss. I have not been charged for my bonus roll. So, I can get loot that drops but I can't receive loot from a coin roll pretty much?
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any alliance groups lfm atm?
Is this actually sanctioned by Blizz? Didn't they change Galleon eventually to prevent cross-realm looting?
Is this actually sanctioned by Blizz? Didn't they change Galleon eventually to prevent cross-realm looting?

Galleon could be killed by 20 level 90s in half greens.

Oondasta either requires an organized small group or a huge multi raid group.

Some servers (low pop) don't have the resources to accomplish either of those and because of so, personally I don't think they should make both bosses follow the same rules.
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