Alliance never have any raid bosses

So every BG I enter horde always have at least minimum 3 healers. Always. And consequently alliance always lose. Always. because we have 0

Healers are very very OP atm. Druid esp. They need a the skull symbol by their name. You need 3 - 4 players all with well timed stuns/silences to beat one. 1 healer can really be all the difference considering how powerful they currently are.

I'm gearing up my holy set because im sick of losing due to lack of heals. But my primary concern is. Why don't alliance play healers as much as horde?
First question. Why haven't you built a heal spec? Surround yourself with the OPness you so much despise.
think blizz is playing us no matter what faction im in horde or ally other team has 2 to 4 more healers then we do and they manage there cc as if there in vent, think blizz had shell bot teams to make it harder in bgs.
When I go in, I just get targeted, yet no one ever seems to go after the healer on our teams.

I think that's the reason we lose so much. Horde seems to target healers more than the Alliance target healers.

I do alright when I have my frost mage friend with me, since we're both on skype and he can peel people off me, plus with my own peels. However, queing solo is just a pain in the neck. I wish there was another way to farm honor efficiently w/o having to do battle grounds.

If there is, I'd like to know, since I just started the game back up after pretty much skipping all of the last expansion.

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