Archaeology - Feeding Pits digsite

This digsite is prohibitively punishing to do, with multiple fast-moving elite swarms, and no pulls of less than three mobs (aside from the huge elite kunchongs). Even constantly watching my rear, I also have to watch out for other people dragging mobs over to me so they can attack me, and other fun stuff.

Any site that is so difficult that I'd rather re-randomize than do it, when I'm a fairly hardcore fan of archaeology (on my alt anyway), is probably tuned a little too obnoxious.
I agree, I just finished this site and its a bit too brutal. I am not looking forward to my repair bill.
That site popped up on my map, i'm ignoring it. Not worth the hassle of digging it.
At this point I just kill both bunches of them & dig away..
I'm up to 132g in repairs and still not done "dying" in this !@#$hole.
Blizzards way of saying fu.
The OP mentions re-randomizing arch sites. Is that even possible? If so, how?

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