Question about new 5.2 Blacksmith Recipes!

So I've noticed that dreadful "plate" gear is already showing up on the auction house.

If I've done my research this CANNOT happen since the forge isn't open to KJ or other realms.
I've heard of some classes being able to "sneak" into the forge but I've also heard this gets you BANNED.

I just want to know if I'm wrong and I can just walk over to the Isle and pick up the "quest" or lightning steel ignot daily CD for BS.

OR do i have to wait till the thunderforge opens?

It's frustrating because I have TONS of mats saved to flood the markets with dreadful gear and I cannot do it, yet others can?
The only dreadful plate gear that is showing up is gear that was crafted through an exploit before it was fixed and the patterns were taken away from people who used said exploit.

If someone has any dreadful plate gear that is all they will have crafted until the forge opens for everyone else, they cannot create anything else before then because they had the patterns to do so taken away from them.
It is stupid that Blacksmiths will have to wait until Stage 4 is completed for the forge to be accessed for new recipes. Meanwhile Tailors, Leatherworkers, Jewelcrafters are all slaving away and finding their recipes.
My hunter has already learnt two ilvl 522 items from LW. It's pretty awesome!

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