THIS is how to change fishing in WoW...

Hello All!

I was just out fishing; thinking of how boring it was sometimes.

I happened to remember playing Zelda on the nintendo 64 somewhere around 15 years ago and how REALLY FUN the fishing was.

Here's a (crappy) video of someone fishing:

If you don't feel comfortable clicking the link, just search youtube for "Legend of zelda, Ocarina of time, 35 pounds fishing"

Basically, you'd press and hold a button to cast, and release it when you wanted the lure to fall.
You'd then zoom in on the lure and be able to reel it in as slow or quick as you wanted.
The lakes were filled with randomly generated fish of different sizes and difficulty.
If you dragged your lure by one, he might grab a hold.
You'd have to set the hook and fight him without breaking the line and reel him in.

I thought it was very entertaining. Do I think Blizzard will do anything like this... no. But thought I'd share it anyway!

it would be an excellent way to get people out in the world the same way pet battles do.

doubtful they'd ever replace original fishing, though. if they made it optional, but superior somehow... increased fish droprate maybe, or make "active fishing" give players some sort of temporary buff to normal fishing. then it would make botting fish less attractive, if people still do that.

or just tuck some achievements in there for catching neat looking fish.
In a separate forum, I asked the same question and they suggested it might be too time consuming.

So to adjust for the amount of time invested:

They could easily change it to a system where fish were more of a loot-able 'item' that you'd retrieve fillets from. This would allow the system to be more involved and even save time.

Say you get lucky and fish up the 35 lb. fish in that video (which would be hard to catch). In real life maybe you'd eat an 8oz fillet...

A 35 lb. fish could then net +/- 70 fillets; enough for over 3 of the great banquets from one fish. That fish could also grant 35 skill points.

Hell, the fish off-hand drops already have LB. ratings with the catfish going up to 32 lbs. Years ago I remember fishing up a 103 lb. mightfish.

You'll also notice in that video that he had several crappy fish grab his line right away that he could have caught if he set the hook... if someone wanted to catch lots of fish using this system; there's no reason they couldn't catch a fish just as fast... if not faster.

Leveraging the fish to give their actual weight equivalent would be super easy to do, allow you to have more fun fishing and actually cause you to "have" to fish less. I see no problems in that.
an excellent way to get ganked...
just figured it should be pointed out
Truthfully, I JUST transferred from a pvp realm because I finally got sick of getting the crap kicked out of me while fishing, cooking, archaeology-ing, etc. already.

When I'm standing there with all my buffs gone in full-on fishing gear; its not like I stand a chance anyway. My mind isn't even in the game half the time because I'm even watching TV (which is very popular because fishing is pretty boring).

I'm not sure it would affect pvp realms much differently in that regard IMO.
Have you guys checked out the Fish of the Day from the guy near Halfhill? If I fish, then I go for the fish of the day.

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