Tiny carp

I have been fishing in jade forest at Ski la for the fish daily pools trying to get a fish pet. i have been fishing since 8 am server it is now 3pm server and i have a million reef octopus and no pet. i got 5 "no fish hooked" when CLEARLY there was a fish hooked because it splashed and i clicked it.

can anyone shed any light on this? offer advice? anyone else had anything similar happen?

im getting frustrated thinking those "no fish hooked" are my pets... but not giving them to me
I did a lot of fishing yesterday and every once and awhile I would get a "no loot" popup until I switched to a different pool. I'm wondering if it is a way to combat bot fishers rather than a glitch, but either way it is very annoying!
From what I've read, I was under the impression they can be fished from emperor salmon/jewel danio/tiger gourami/spinefish pools or open water where you can catch these. Unless you want to try see if other pools give the pets too, I would ignore other pools for now and go for ones that other people have had success with.

Edit: ahh never mind, it looks like my info is out of date and you can fish them from more pools than I thought.

can be fished from open water as well as pools, I think it said.

Tells where to fish for what type, as well as how horrible the rate is.

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