Returning Mage LF New Partners

Aerie Peak
Hey Aerie Peak, I returned in December of 2012 after a two year break from play, only to find that my old partners had long since quit the game.

I decided to switch my main PvP toon back to mage and try to find new partners.

I have a decently solid background in arena, and still possess a rather encompassing knowledge of each class and their mechanics. If you need more convincing please feel free to post here or whisper me in game.

I am looking for (ideally) 3s partners for this new season to play seriously.

I am hoping to play RMP or shatterplay, maybe even MLD/MLS. I am willing to try to make most compositions work though.

I will have finished gearing out in mostly ilvl476 malevolent by Tuesday the 12 of March.
I have a very open schedule, so I can be relatively flexible in almost all respects.

I look forward to your response.

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