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I have looked over the many links and while there's TONS of awesome information available I am still in question. Where do I go for in-game rp? Preferably Horde side.

I'm not new to RP in by any means. I actually role play quite often on another forum. I tried RP in-game but was too intimidated to just really jump in. The amount of "Mary-Sue's" and "Sparkly Vampires" was very disappointing. The other problem I had was my only friend (now ex friend) was a Mary-Sue fiend herself. Along with her entire guild. I stopped trying my hand at in game RP and just stayed to forum RP. Now with my confidence built back up I'm willing to try again.

I have a few different plots (so to speak?) I'm looking to play. Depending on the community on the server depends where I'll roll a character. I know "bad" rp'ers and griefers are on every server but I'm looking for a community that's got a good base of mature and creative players. And fun! I'm looking to have fun. :3

My knowledge of the game and it's lore I would say is a little more then average. Certain races I do know a bit more about then others but that's mainly because I find them absolutely fascinating. If it's something I don't know about, I read up on it. Unless it's waaaay out in the left field, I'm pretty laid back. I personally like to know I'm not messing the story up.

Anyways PLOT!
Pandaren Hunter...
Her family was raised as farmers and she is expected to do the same. But she hates it. Hates the quiet life and daily routine. Something in her longs to get off the Wondering Isle. Against her parents wishes she learns to fight. She finds a strange insignia in her grand parents belongings. (Sha-do Pan but she doesn't know it) Horde & Alli crash on the Isle and she takes the chance to leave. Along her journey and probably not till she actually reaches MoP content does she find that her family were not always farmers.

I have other ideas but I really think I'd like to play her out. She's not created yet, since I don't have a viable home. TB is... seriously lacking in RP. I could find a guild but the qualities of RP's has gone down over the years since I move all my characters there. :/

PVE-RP only. I hate getting ganked while leveling... I love dungeons and raids as well as RP. :3
There is no perfect realm, they all have their share of vampires, half breeds and catgirls from Mars. The best you can do is roll on a high pop server and join a guild. I suggest you join a Pandaren guild, as you are more likely to find someone to help you with your plot idea.

Or you could join us on Ravenholdt and be CRZ free and likely not be ganked because low levels just don't see much pvp anyway.

We do have an amazing and talented group of rpers here and they are very friendly!
Catgirls from Mars... That's a new (and frightening) one for me lol. I guess I should have mentioned I am looking for a guild as well. Joining a pandaren guild is a great idea since I have only just started to learn their lore.

Thank you I'll look into Ravenholdt! Though I'm not fond of the PVP aspect. I'll still look into the server if that means a talented and friendly community. :D

Still open to more suggestions though folks!
I partially disagree with Sylvia. Mainly, because doing what she advises is what frustrated me and made me leave. Different experiences.

I always recommend a good visit first. If you join Cenarion Circle, even on a level one, you can join the hordeooc channel and ask questions. Generally, they will even try to help you identify a guild you'd fit in best and find a contact for you. You can even ask for some RP there to meet people somewhere or just start RPing in the hearthstone channel.

Good luck though. Your best fit is only something you can find.
Not to bash or overshadow, I guess, the other realms, but Wyrmrest Accord has some decent rp. Not the best, since I'm pretty sure there is no 'best', but most of it is fun. Been here for...at least a couple years now and I've loved most of it. Plus it's a straight up RP server.

But in any case, yeah. Good luck with wherever you end up. :D
Not to be taken wrong Izby, but what do you disagree with? That there is no perfect realm? Or joining a high pop realm and joining a Pandaren guild? Really it is just general advise.

I do agree that joining a smaller server will give you a closer relationship with guildies, mainly because a smaller realm means everyone knows you and how you think and act. But that can be hard to break into established cliques. Which are everywhere.

It is difficult to get established no matter what realm you are on. You just have to try and find some good friendly folk. I enjoyed CC for a long time. I still have alts there. I am not dissing CC at all.

Larger more populated realms will get you more volume in the way of random rp. But it is not often you can find folks who are open and willing to include you in their storyline. But it is easier for a newcomer to learn to rp in a guild that is open to new rpers. I find these on every rp realm. Best thing to do is be open and friendly yourself and do not expect miracles. Sometimes it takes a LONG time to find someone who will be a good companion in your travels and leveling.
I'm open to all opinions Vynirian! I have heard great things about Wrymrest over the years. I shall add it to the list of servers to look more into. Thanks for the advice!!

I understand that no realm will be perfect and you will always have those looking to grief you, troll you, or the run in with horribad rp'ers. But my goal is to find a community that is friendly and open to new people. I know cliques will be on every server but some servers have less of them.

I have always heard great things about CC but things might have changed. (Glad to hear however things have not) And I am pleasantly surprised at the mount of positive things I'm reading about Ravenholdt.

I didn't mean to spark disagreements! D: Just wanted to know what folks felt about their servers. Everyone has given me wonderful advice and I thank everyone. Theres lots for me to consider and weight out. Ultimately making a wee bitty level one will be my first priority.

And yea Sylviagray. I completely agree. Finding someone that matches my rp/leveling style will be a hard one... Well wont be so hard if my best friend can get stable internets and a WoW account lol.
Not to be taken wrong Izby, but what do you disagree with? That there is no perfect realm? Or joining a high pop realm and joining a Pandaren guild? Really it is just general advise.

None taken. I disagree with joining a high pop realm. I find they have more cliques than many of the smaller realms do. Those cliques being harder to get into and all. I started on WrA, a high pop and ran into those problems way faster than I have on any of the smaller RP realms. (Well I really started RPing on a normal server but that was way back in the day, but beside the point.) Smaller realms seem to have noticed that if they don't have an open all inclusive community their server turns Normal.

Then I disagree with joining a particular guild immediately because that encourages that clique thinking. It's a personal feeling but it's how things have happened for me as well. Especially on WrA. But then again it can also be different.

My recommendation is always to find the channels that the server uses to orchestrate and communicate with each other in the RP community. For us on CC, it's the allianceooc or hordeooc. On other servers it's ForTheAlliance or ForTheHorde, etc. You get the picture. It's there that you can discuss and interact with people and figure out what type of RP that server is predominantly into. Earthen Ring is not a real random place or even open event, but does have a decent guild event system. Cenarion Circle is a great mixture of them all. WrA goes everywhere as well, but still leans more guild.

Those channels though start the process of getting to know each other and that's more important I think. I put my lvl 1 there and talk to people and figure it out. It's how I found CC and Ravenholdt. I think it's a strong way to find what works best for you. Cheaper too. But that was my disagreement. I agree with everything else essentially. I'm just jumping and joining right away. I'm poking, prodding, and exploring.
03/12/2013 03:50 PMPosted by Laiu
Catgirls from Mars... That's a new (and frightening) one for me lol.

Clearly you never tried City of Heroes...
D: Why you never tell me you roleplayed Laiu?
Kara- No... No I have not. I am now glad I never got into the whole super hero mmo lol.

Cross/Elsorai- Cuz we be in a raiding guild! I assumed I was the only role player... And RP on TB is pretty non-existent. The few guilds that do RP are drama filled and cliquey.

Along my travels I have found such strong arguments favoring Ravenholdt that I think I shall mae a character there to. Another one I have in mind whom would fit in perfectly to a pvp realm. And you know Izby I didn't even think about joining an all pandaren guild might end up cliquey. I myself am not that way so I for see me not staying long with a guild like that.

You know TB used to have a rp chat channel. It was tbrp but I haven't seen anyone in there (aside from myself) in nearly a year. On that note I see CC has one. Does Ravenholdt have a rp channel?
Yes we do Laiu, its /rp on Alliance side and /horde on that side.
Have you decided which faction you will be joining? Just curious. I did not get excited about Pandaren. I tried it to see the starting area and enjoyed it , but I am at a loss as far as rping one.
Well it's kind of hard making yourself known as a roleplayer without being ridiculed along the way. Just saying, don't hesitate to roleplay, I will more then likely follow up. Hopefully I don't come off as mary sueish
Marlyna and Sylviagray have covered a lot of great points as to why Ravenholdt is such an awesome server. Here is a thread with lots of great information, including active RP guilds for both the Alliance and Horde: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7979928805?page=11

We try to steer clear of 'cliques' on Ravenholdt─they're never healthy for an RP community.

You might want to check out the RP Sanctum @ www.ravenholdt.us. That's a pretty decent sample of what to expect on Ravenholdt.

One thing I would like to point out is that RP is proactive here. You have to get out there and make it happen, mostly because we're not a heavily populated server. Don't let that discourage you though!

If you decide to roll an alt there, don't hesitate to contact me in-game if I can be of any assistance!
I cannot choose which server! D: I might make two characters that fit into their respective server environments. But I am a Horde by heart. And will most likely choose Horde. Despite my leader being blood thirsty and retarded. -_-

I wasn't excited about Pandaren. At all when the expac came out. But I just had this idea when I started messing around with a friend on one. (I think she fell off the face of Azeroth... Again... She'll come back eventually but I really wanna play this idea out.)

I do have a decent idea how to play a Pandaren. Thanks to my interest in oriental history and culture (China/Japan). I have a decent idea how she should react with out being cliché and offensive. Living on the wandering isle she would be clueless how the rest of Azeroth operates. A bit naive as well but fascinated by the challenges presented to her. Eager to explore the world.

I would have said Horde but Malyna got me thinking. I really want to explore the lore & quests the Alliance has. For the Alliance maybe? D:

I do also have a lovely Tauren girl I have been wanting to role play so fear not my fellow Hordies, I have not forgotten you. <3

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. And I apologize for the long delay in replies to everyone. Work and life just get in the way of everything. -huff- -_-

And Elsorai, I understand but TB never was a major RP hub. Even when I first joined. But at the time it had both of what my husband (Nuyakin) and I wanted in a server. Thanks for the offer though!
If you ever decide to move your tauren, might I suggest The Venture Co. server. (RP/PVP)

We are non-CRZ, so being ganked when levelling isn't a major problem--but I won't say it can't happen (although that is true anywhere).

we have a smaller population, with a decent community. Thunderhoof Clan is an all-tauren guild with almost 6 years of history, and is always open to honorable Shu'Halo.
If you want you could make a Horde character on a server (preferably Emerald Dream) and then i could make one too and we could find an RP guild together, because there are a ton of RP guilds in Emerald Dream, A LOT. or you could always make an Alliance Charecter on Emerald Dream and you could join my guild.
(sorry if what i said makes no sense)
Alright. Earthern Ring, Covenant of Darkness. I'm the roleplay captain. We have roleplay parties, and an upcoming guild ball! We are an all-race and all-class guild, and we have all kinds of people! We have the flirts, the aggressive people, the adventures, the unstable, the shy, the kind, the rude, all of them! Our roleplay parties are simple, so those new to roleplay can learn. We would love to have you join!

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