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Bleeding Hollow

BATTLESHIP! A 10 man alliance guild looking for five other players to join an double cadre of wow raiders. We only intend to have 10 players total and raid two nights a week and would like to quickly progress to heroics and see the Mists content in all it's glory. Due to our small numbers we're looking for people who are serious about raiding, and can show up and be ready come raid time week after week.

We're a laid back group of friends though, who are all experienced WoW players. Our humor is dry and are accepting nature is very... accepting of pretty much anyone who is willing to roll with us hard in the paint. We're the kind of players who like to push ourselves to be the best and encourage other members to do the same.

Currently we have a:
Tank (that's me)
Heals (Disc priest)
Druid (Rest)
Shaman (Enchancement)
DK (Frost Dps)

We're currently looking for a second tank (warrior/paladin), one additional healer, and dps. All specs/classes welcome.

Like what you've read? Send me a tell in-game. We're running heroics and LFR while we recruit and gear ourselves up. We're mainly night owl players, but some of us are working professionals, so once we fill our roster we're going to work out our raid times. Most likely it will be evenings, twice a week.

About BATTLESHIP: Have you ever seen the critically acclaimed comedy BATTLESHIP? Do you want to die today? Does listening to 80s music while rolling hard in raids appeal to you? You may want to... come aboard? BOOM!

Our raid times, at present, are 9PM Sever time (8 Central) on Tuesdays and Sundays. We usually go till midnight or 1 am.
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Hey everyone,

We are still looking for a tank to join our ranks. We are a small but friendly group of people looking to start raiding this Tuesday.

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