Glory To The Horde

this is part of the legendary quest and to who ever from blizz that thought of putting a pvp quest in a raid quest fire that guy!!!!

i play as a tank and i have a separate toon that i play for pvp so how do i finish this quest
I usually don't complain. I mean, it's my choice to pay for this game and follow along accordingly. The quests are written by someone, the world designed by someone else...

For many years I've watched the game expand and change. Sure there were changes I didn't particularly like. There were others that I absolutely loved. There were things there beyond my reach not being a hardcore raider, but there is enough stuff to keep anyone busy. I've never voiced my thought in the forums, figuring there were enough people making noise just about everything, and, as I stated, I tend to just shrug things off.

This time, however, Blizz went overboard.

PvP is something that I usually indulge towards the end of an expansion after I've exhausted PvE. Read: I'm bored and waiting for the next xpac to drop. I don't care for PvP. It bores in the sense that there's no purpose. You go in, you kill players, you capture a flag (capture a flag indeed! /scoff).

I am uncertain what ungodly idea possessed the good people at Blizz to think that including a Battleground in a PvE legendary quest chain was a good idea.

It really wasn't.

I do complement whoever this person is however. You actually managed to get me to write something on these forums. Well done.

And since there is nothing I can do, it's time to either drop this ridiculous quest or quit wasting my money paying for something that seriously pissed me off.
I think you're both overreacting a bit to this. You have to win two battlegrounds. You do not take durability damage in Battlegrounds, the que takes about a minute, maybe 5 minutes on a bad day. They are not hard. You stand near a minecart or grab a colorful orb. Hell you don't even have to do that, you can just attack alliance the entire time. There is no consequence to you losing other than a bruised ego.
I disagree. Not only do you engage in something that you otherwise try to avoid, but you're also bringing down any team that you join.

I have 0 PVP gear, I have no intention of getting any just to do one quest. I don't know the BGs, I have no desire to look them up. I only did this because I MUST for the quest.

I'm not PVPing, other people are carrying me, that's what it boils down to.
has blizz posted anything on this matter ?

I hate pvp also and would like to finish this questline but for me its just not worth my time ...
I'm flabbergasted that I have to PvP for a PvE quest. There is a reason I don't PvP...I DON"T LIKE why the hell are we being forced to PvP for a PvE quest?? I feel sorry for my fellow Horde who now have to carry my butt with ZERO PvP gear as I feed the Alliance easy kills. Good job Blizzard, you've managed to severely annoy (I'm using polite language here, I'd rather use some more colorful words) a long term player.
I think the intent is to force the player to display some sort of skill in the process of acquiring a legendary. Before, legendaries required expansive and difficult quest chains (rogue daggers, caster staff, and shadowmourne) or high tiered raiding (pre-WOTLK legs) to test the ability of the player as their class.

The problem now with their legendary quests is that they have to find someway to fit those tests to the abilities of EVERY class, and that becomes difficult in the time and resources required. Therefore, they presumed that if you knew your class, you would also be able to perform relatively well in a PvP setting as in a PvE one, whether or not you like it.
I enjoyed the battleground with the mine carts. It involved strategy and that is what I like in pvp.

I HATE THE TEMPLE OF GANG BANG. I'll be back after more prison sex. I hate you Blizz with all my heart right now in the most irrational way. DIAF!

It took 5 tries and 2 hours. What I disliked most is that is WAS NOT FUN and it had a negative impact on my in game experience.
I think you're both overreacting a bit to this. You have to win two battlegrounds. You do not take durability damage in Battlegrounds, the que takes about a minute, maybe 5 minutes on a bad day. They are not hard. You stand near a minecart or grab a colorful orb. Hell you don't even have to do that, you can just attack alliance the entire time. There is no consequence to you losing other than a bruised ego.

Were it only that simple.

I just spent the last two hours NOT winning either of those BGs. I have 0 pvp gear, I have 0 pvp power, I was usually second or third on damage for the alliance side.

Guess how well that went.

My issue with this quest is not that I don't like pvp (I don't like pvp, but that's a different issue). My issue is that my success or failure in this quest has very little to do with my own performance. I have almost zero influence on the outcome of this quest.

While you might say the same for the rest of the chain, it simply isn't true. LFR is effortless for one thing. The world segments of the legendary line are simple enough, just take a long time. In previous tiers the legendary quest required a competent raid and a lot of dedication.

This stage of the legendary quest requires you to win the random bg lottery. Nothing else helps.

It isn't fun. It isn't a "nice change of pace." It's just frustrating.
This quest is just bad.

No PvE player should ever be forced to PvP just to progress. That would be like asking PvPers to complete 10 LFRs to unlock battlegrounds.

There's also never been a blue post on the matter, and considering the amount of complaints about this quest, it is a little disappointing.

I suffered through this back in 5.2, because it was a requirement for our raiding team. I basically sat in the corner and let 9 other people carry me. Not fun for anyone involved.
Now I'm looking to gear an alt for our raid team, as it provides utility unlike a mage, and am up to this quest.
I'm just not going to do it. I loathe PvP. Which means no raiding on that character, so I'm basically down to playing 20 minutes a day for farms, and 6 hours of raiding. Eventually my guild will probably let me go because I will not PvP.

I honestly believe that Blizzard will actually lose subs because of this. There are a LOT of PvE players out there who don't want any involvement in PvP, and I think this alienation and mistreatment of PvE players will force them to find other games.
I've spent the past 4 hours losing Temple of Kotmogu repeatedly just so I could progress in a PVE questline. This is BEYOND frustrating. Who was the genius that thought up the idea of mixing PVE and PVP content?
what the heck is the big deal seriously
So, you took off the guantlets and slapped our PvE faces ... I slap yours back and dare you to make a blue post on this issue. This isn't about Player vs Player ... it seems to be about Blizzard vs Player. Laugh all the way to the bank with our subscriber dues .... maybe someday soon we won't be so loyal to you. The gloves are off.
I think we all should chat sometime... Conjoined threads, perhaps?

That aside, as I said in the Alliance-named one above, this is a PvE-oriented legendary questline.. and both sides are having issues with the single PvP quest, because many folks do not have gear for or want to get involved in PvP at all.

Sometimes you are lucky and get a good group that can effectively carry you due to a bad opposing force... but it's still ridiculous.
Been playing since day 1 of WoW and I'm canceling my sub after trying this quest. In my entire time playing WoW I have like maybe 100 player kills. I ABSOLUTELY HATE PVP. Don't force people to pvp in a pve focus game.

Edit: Sub canceled...
This was a largely pointless necro. Thanks for that Zoekula.

Saying that, it's nice to know that Hakar did not in fact cancel, at least not for good.

Edit: It now looks at first glance like I necroed the thread. This is not in fact the case. Note that this is post 18 and that posts 16 and 17 are deleted.
Regarding [Glory to the Horde] quest... Forcing players to complete a quest based on the success of a PVP Battleground for a PVE quest is frustrating, unreasonable and illogical.
At this point in time in the game an alt attempting to complete this quest must contend among other players that are max PVP ilvl and it is nearly impossible to win. I played the Temple of Kotmogu for 6 hours today with no success with 12 - 15 min queues.
This quest should be removed from the quest line completely and strait away. I was so frustrated that I opened an in game ticket. The GM's that I spoke to could understand and empathize with my situation and believe that my request was "not unreasonable", but no solution or path forward could be provided. I was advised to state my case here on the wow forums so that they could be lost among hundreds of other unhappy customers, or to state my case to a developer via the social media forum "twitter" which is limited to a 140 character cap.
I am not even going to attempt to state my case via twitter, that is a waste of time much like this quest, but I digress...
Good luck to those that are still attempting to complete this quest.
I agree, it's very ridiculous and I was angry, too.

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do and they're not going to change it. But you can do things to tilt the odds in your favor.

Get some "welfare" PvP gear via the auction house. Depending on your server, you may be able to pick up a few pieces + trinket for about... 1k to 2k gold, which isn't that much - to some people. And then try to log on in in the early evening/night. These are the hours (in my experience) when most horde PvP'ers are on.

Good luck!

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