What's your day job?

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Sup people

<<< Immigration Services Officer
Pimp... no really I don't have one.
Public Servant I see! :D As am I.

I work in Health and Ageing in Canberra in HR :D
College student with some Army Reserve on the side.
Annoy Indians and Europeans.

I send them documents and they have to do what's on them, or there will be hell to pay.

Also, occasionally annoy Americans and Japanese.
Currently just an ordinary factory grunt as I save up some money to take the networking certification tests so I can get the job I want.
Being awesome.

Also software development.
Pimp... no really I don't have one.

You don't have a pimp? Well you better get one arranged then! :)
Does high school count?
Look good, answer phones and greet people.

And play wow when its slow.
Seasonal construction

03/14/2013 04:14 PMPosted by Fangry
Does high school count?

construction labourer

hoping to be electrician soon (apprentice)

working on a nice side venture involving php and database by night
College student working as a lab assistant in a computer lab.

And yes, that means I get to play WoW at work!
Run my own business.

Computers.. primarily tech support for small businesses.
Illustrator/2D Artist.
Equipment Maintenance mechanic,,,,, Electrician , plummer, Mr Fix it ,,long term computer geek and gammer :)

well till april 15 the company I have worked for for 36 years is closing production and Outsourcing the newspaper printing

maybe blizz can hire me to play there game :)

Hey Blizzz :)
By day I am a billionaire playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist.

By night I am a vigilante, ridding the streets of crime.
Server engineer for security networks, Forensic server investigation, VMware server engineer, all those hats as a self employed contractor, can't beat em join em and beat em at their own game, which means a lot of travel and weird hours but its great being your own boss.
You know typical stuff trying summon cthulhu. Building a giant weather machine to take over the world. Training an rebel Kobold army. Oh, sometimes I do the crossword puzzles.

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