What's your day job?

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Civil engineer (if I had a job at the moment.)
Geotechnical or Transportation.
Be well.
Walmart Electronics/Connection Center.

...And customer service, when they don't schedule enough of them.
serving ungrateful people who (wrongfully) think I make more money than them and refuse to give me what makes up at least half of what I actually make...

.......I deliver pizza

Oh i thought you were a Blizz dev there for a sec... my bad.
I'm an enchanter.
Previously worked Tech for an Adult Oriented Website
Then went through school to get EMT Certified
Now I am I manufacturer's representative

Also: I see this has been moved to Movies, TV, and Entertainment.

I must protest as I am not a movie star, nor do I find my job very entertaining.
College student and Application engineer/mechanical engineer
College student. Computer Science. Brother. Also the last in line of my family name. Makes me feel pretty important, even though in reality I'm not.
Like how Blizzard moves these threads to the dead forums.

do you do anything but complain?
I'm a software developer for the Air Force.
College Student, Second Year. Also a professional hat wearer.

I make more money than anyone in my immediate family.
Graduate Student/Case Worker
Jim Carrey forever plagued me and I will always be known as a:


Errr. Technician for Comcast.
Dental technician/Denturist.

Basically I make teeth and other dental appliances (e.g retainers, mouth guards, dentures)
College student, part time tutor
Front-End UI dev for a web services company in NYC.
Job seeker. It doesn't pay too well but I don't have to worry about losing work.
Currently unemployed
Regulatory Operations Manager at a pharmaceutical.


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