Remnant(3/12) Needs DISC PRIEST for Core Raid

Remnant, is in need of a new tank for our Core raid progression group!! Our current one cannot make our raid times anymore, so unfortunately had to leave us=(
We are Currently 3/12 ToT, 8/16 Heroic, and 16/16 Normal mode. Our MAIN Focus with progression is of course Throne of Thunder, and are planning on Blowing through the Normal content so we can start doing heroic Modes!
Our guild is VERY friendly, laid back, and mature. We are all great players with lots of raid experience in our backrounds. Also, everyone in our group is age 25+, all are semi-casual working people. So, we raid 9 hours a week, and get kills while we do it.

Raid Times are Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 630-930 PM server. With an optional raidd on Sun, or Monday( Not Required ).
We DO expect anyone interested to have full knowledge of your class as well, but all raid mats, and repairs are provided to all raiders!

If you are interested in raiding with us, conact me ANYTIME in game. OR Thanaroth.

My Battletag is thanks for your time=)
Still Looking! Would really like a Paladin, or Deathknight if Possible!
We could also use a GOOD Disc priest as well!
Hi there! I may possibly be looking for a new home here in the near future, and I like the sound of this group so far. Are you by chance open to a warrior tank as well?
We found a Deathknight Tank to fill the tank spot we needed. But, if you want to join us, we do always need backup players as well. Also, we ARE starting a 2nd raid group ASAP. And are more than half way there. Just need tanks for it.


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