--- WTS level 25 guild! ---

yup. selling the famous Twink Nation!

guild includes a solid 7 bank tab guild bank with a fresh start for you! no members in guild so if you are a bank toon, or someone looking to make a history of the guild. this is it for you!
guild currently has 685 achieve points.

accepting ALL offers! looking for around 40k gold!

feel free to mail me in game or even pst!

thank you,
Lately lvl 25 guilds have been selling for 20-30k in trade chat.

And you don't have the BoA legs, the pets or the mounts so getting your 60-80k seems a bit unlikely. But good luck though.
I'm interested in speaking with you about this guild, if you still have it. Add halom.p.m@gmail.com.

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