Gorishi Grub, Bug or Intentional?

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now, why did blizzard "Nerf" the Gorishi Grub? Was it intentional or was it simply a bug? I have submitted tickets about it, asked in game friends, looked at many forums and watched videos on it. I am a new to WoW so when i learned about the Gorishi Grub i was excited and worked on a hunter to tamed one, but sadly when i finally am able to get one, it was no longer tamable. After doing some research i learned that as of patch 5.2 the Gorishi Grub was no longer tamable, for the players who had one before the patch they were allowed to keep it, but the size was reduced? I don't understand why? After hours of research i cannot find the information I am looking for. Why is it no longer tamable and why was the size reduced? Was it wrongfully used in PvP, were players taking advantage of it, was it reducing content from the game? I have Asked Game Masters and i was told it was still tamable, as long as i was in BM spec. I traveled to its location and attempted to tame it once more and sadly it was false information. Another Game Master informed me that it could be a bug, or intentional by the Devs, but they cannot answer my questions because they don't know. If it is a bug then can it be fixed, but if it was intentional then can someone give me answers why?
It was a bug that it was able to be tamed in the first place. It was available from 5.1 to 5.2 and is no longer tamable. The people that tamed it pre 5.2 got to keep it but the size was reduced probably due to it being gigantic.
But I don't understand why they reduced the size, there are many pets that are as large as or even bigger. And why make it untamable, if it was a bug then correct it and allow us to tame it, I don't understand why they couldn't just leave it.
They shrunk both grubs that were tameable since, as pets with a very low ground profile, they were most likely used to grief others and prevent them from looting corpses.
They reduced the size because it was interfering with targeting/looting corpses. Big pets do that a lot, and bliz shrinks most big pets to reduce the impact of size on targeting. As for the tame ability, they removed that as the pet was similar to the old grim totem spirit wolves, an unintended tame, but people got to keep the pets as they were the lucky ones who went to the trouble of taming the pets before it became untamable. As the pets aren't game breaking, blizz has no problem letting us keep them, they just prefer for us to only tame what they want us to tame. same goes for the old spectral hydra and slime from sholzar basin that thought they were crokalisks. Those who tamed em got to keep em, but blizzard doesn't want us taming hydras or slimes. There isn't a major reason for removing them from the list of tamable pets, but it is blizzards game and they can decide what pets they let us tame and what pets we can't.
Thank you, this was extremely helpful
It may have been as big as other pets, but because it squatted on the ground and was so fat, it covered a lot of real estate and could cause a lot of problems because of it.

A large devilsaur stands so far above the ground that it doesn't cause nearly the same problems as a big blob sitting on the ground.
true in part. Some other pets, like a boss silithid, or the jormungar worms, are fairly huge themselves and can cause similar issues. I think the big reason It was shrunk was because it was unusually big compared to the tamed version of other caterpillars that were available from launch of MoP.

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