Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie - Sunfur Panda

Pet Battles
Word is, Major Payne can be a major pain. So who better than the man himself to get you in shape to conquer Pet Battles?

This week's featured pet is the adorable Sunfur Panda. Who's got one? Who wants one?
You can't handle the Payne.

No one can handle the Payne.
Got one yesterday, haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

I'm hopeful though that it can be a viable Sunlight caller (yes I know it's not a world beating team, but I like the concept).
I got them all behold Bow down to me as I train them to 25!
I've got one! ^^
I got all 4 pandas already, so no, I dont want a Sunfur Panda.

I want two cubbies tho. PLease halp!! :)

/pet Crithto
/w Good good boy.
I have all 4 Pandas at level 25 :D heck I've sold two pandas on the AH and gave a Sunfur to a guildie today.
Soon I shall train them to best pvp pet battler And Use this "Sunfur" as one my team, I wonder what should I name him
I'll pick one up for completist purposes eventually.

For vanity purposes, it's whatever appeals to the individual. I'm not much of a vanity pet person, so I can't comment. It's a fairly abysmal battle pet, though. 260 Power with that moveset just doesn't work well.
The Sunfur is the only one I don`t have. I keep getting frikkin' Snowys.
Lil XT says, "Major Payne, more like Minor Payne. I'm ready to play!" And yes I've already gotten the Sunfur Panda. Also my Perky Pug would like to see more puppy pets to play with.
I'm still trying to get mine. So far I've been lucky enough to get 2 Snowy Pandas though. They're all really cute.
major payne was trouble but all i used was.

celestial dragon
azure whelpling with ice bomb
phoenix hatchling

this combo isn't working for the beast of fable though :( does work for the master trainers of pandaria.
Got one. I think it's level 6 now or something. I'm working on getting all tameable rares, so I've been killing lots of lvl 1s, heh.
I've got one! Today I got my 4th Snowy Panda.. methinks the Mountain Pandas need to come down the mountain and into my bag!
Bought one the other day, so adorable! I haven't bothered with Payne in a while though, he drives me nuts even with comps that have destroyed him good times prior.
Got all 4 pandas and have them all leveled to 25, although I haven't tried any of them in battles. Payne's a pussycat against my Warbot and Ragnaros. I usually stick a mid-level Aquatic in the third slot to finish off whatever little bit of life his flower has left after my first two have chewed through him.
I don't have one, want one, but will very likely not get one until the daily requirements are adjusted. 10 pet battles, plus excessive travel times for a chance at one? It comes out to be over half an hour for one daily, which is too much when there's already too many dailies to do each day. It certainly doesn't help that I can't get some pet XP out of the process, and the fights themselves are pretty much impossible to lose.

If the daily was changed to require any five fabled pets defeated? Then I'd go for it as it would allow me to pick ones that are near the areas I'll be doing other dailies in. Or If they at least rewarded good Pet xp, but were limited to only being able to win a fight against each one per day to prevent grinding etc...

I love the concept of the fabled pets, but the execution seems weak, and could use some refinement.

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