Zerg 2/13H 25m Looking for More.

Guild: Zerg
Website: zerg.enjin.com
Server: Illidan
Time Zone: Central CST
Chicago Database

Raid Times:
Tues - 7:30 - 11:30 CST
Wed - 7:30 - 11:30 CST
Thurs - 7:30 - 11:30 CST
RARELY will there be a Monday raid, but if there is it will only be to clean up what we didn't get to on Thurs. Normally only lasting around 1-2 hours.

Zerg has been a 10m for all of Cata and through T14. We finished Cata 8/8H at 15% and finished T14 at 10/16H. We are currently swapping to 25m and are seeking like-minded people that want to get in and progress.

Main raiders receive free pots, flasks, repairs, gems and enchants. We ask that during your trial period you supply yourself with those consumables. We will be dropping feasts but you are not discouraged to rock your own 300 food =)

Ranged Needs:
Mage - HIGH
Hunter - HIGH

If you are interested in joining a semi-hardcore raiding guild without the rage issues and without drama send me some info.

You can add me on Battlenet:
16/16 T14, 5/16 Heroic T14.
2/12 T15

501 Prot/495 Arms.

BattleTag; Chaseda#1139
Availability; Pretty much any time.
Transfer paid for pref, I'm a poor mofo.
Me; I'm a very talented and very dedicated player. I've played Warrior since 2004, and I've tanked since 2004. I've been really held back this expansion and I'm finally fed up with it. I've got more than enough experience. I always strive to be the best, and I can guarantee the best is what you'll get from me. I also can play both DPS specs for warriors fantasticly.
my ilvl is 484 which isnt that well but i am a determiuned raider who has all team chats who can make raid times, i am mature and learn fights very well! thank you for your consideration
11/12 now
WTB: Mages and Locks!
Well this is old and needs to be updated! 9/12 25-man and 12/12 10-man!
11/12 25-man
ROGUE AND MAGE!!!!!!!!!!!
Rogue, Mage.
please dont apply, these people ninja loot too much. Ive been in thier pve group because they need some pug to fill the spots they took gear that pug players won. their excuse was this was a guild run and only guildies get the loot. I was told before the raid run that loot would go to highest roller, again please dont join this ninja guild who only look after themselfes.
Lol....first off everyone that we bring in as a pug is fully aware that tier is guild. All other gear is rolled out. Second...."Themselves***"

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