Are the Sha/Galleon mounts fixed yet?

Or do they still not exist
What was the problem exactly? The elegon mount has been ingame since MSV was active, now the sha and galleon mounts on the other hand were fixed about a month ago.
Yeah sorry I meant galleon not elegon
yeah they said they are. their not suppose to be common. ive seen one galleon mount
I've definitely seen the galleon mount in game. A rogue on our server has it. Haven't seen the Sha mount yet though. They both look really nice from screenshots, they should stay rare like they are.
I saw the sha mount a few days ago in Stormwind. The first time I ever saw it. It was most certainly bugged prior to the ninja hotfix.
I have the Galleon mount, so it does exist.

I have seen the Elegon mount on my server, but not the Sha mount yet.
Yup def fixed, seen the Sha mount and I had a guy in my rogue's Galleon kill a few days ago get the Galleon mount.
We had a guy on the Galleon mount being circled by our typical Sargeras traditional ring of Mammoths we sacrifice to somehow try to speed up his spawn rate today.

Looks really cool.

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