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Until Blizzard allow me to move my 10 characters without having to pay for individual character moves from Argent Dawn to an Oceanic realm, I am stuck here with no one to do anything with. I want to get out there and enjoy some raiding. I joined up on but noticed almost no cross realm raids listed there during Australian peak times. Is there an alternative site more used by us? Or are cross realms just not used that much unless you're grouping with someone specific?
My experience with Open Raid is that it is very US-centric (as are most things) and so you tend to miss out. Either check the forums or start a toon on a server you want to go to (don't aim for Frostmourne, it only adds to the congestion), and when the guild goes to raid, you can cross realm your existing toons into the raid.

Obviously it cannot work with current content but that's ok - guild's would never accept it anyway as it would impact on guild achievements etc.

I've seen a few people do this and it works well. It's a great way to suss out a guild before dropping RL dollars on a move.
Yeah, I was thinking of seeing if I could do a Trial type of thing before transferring one toon. I think it is really my only alternative.

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