513 BWM Tank Monk LF Guild 2/13 Heroic

Guild Recruitment
im a monk
Team Monkey is 10 man Morning/daytime HORDE Raid Team on EITRIGG US . We are looking to progress into ToT And this raid tier but to do so we need consistant attendance and quality people.
Full Info is as follows.

Loot: Loot council
VoIP: vent
Raid Times: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm server time Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, . Server is Central standard.
If you are applying as dps we expect you to equal players with your current gearscore in WoL .

Classes we could use.

Warrior: Fury/arms
Rogue: open
Deathknight: frost/unholy
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Closed
Warlock: closed
Shaman: enhance
Paladin: holy/ret
Priest : closed
Druid : open for resto/boomkin or exceptional feral dps.
Monk : Mistweaver/windwalker
We are always on the lookout for exceptional players so do not be afraid to apply if a class is closed for now Exceptions will be made for exceptional players.

We offer:
Guild Website
Mumble Voice service
A professional raid environment
A fun environment to raid in

Trial process :

1. How you will pass the trial period without any issue :
BE punctual - BE on time every scheduled raid day 15 minutes before raid time.
BE ready - BE prepared potions/flasks/ food ( even if it is provided by the team) Have your Gear optimized and do everything in your power to output more ( heals/survivability/dps)
Attitude - We understand that Not everyone's personality's fit, however we expect you to act as you would in the workplace when faced with socially challenging situations, ( don't be a baby) ->contact me anduriel#1298
i could use a dps hit me up regardless of the availabilities we can make switches/exceptions for good raiders
Hi, I'm with a top US 10m called Entensity. We have a core spot open and I'd love to see you apply!

-Currently 1/12 Heroic T15
-Ended T14 US 28th
-Well established, fun & laid back. We dont rage.
-Raid only 3 days a week! Tue/Thur/Sun from 7-11pm PST
-Check us out at www.entensity.us for more info, and to apply.
-Alternatively you can email me at irialofentensity@gmail.com for an instant response, or add my battletag Irial#1475. Email is the BEST form of contact.
Fluff and Blood is looking for the following classes to assist us in Heroic Progression Starting this Friday at 7pm EST.

Warrior (Tank)
Enhancement Shaman

We are currently US 216 looking to push US 100. Our raid times are;

Friday - 8:00pm-Midnight
Saturday - 9:00pm- 0100
Sunday - 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Monday - 7:00-10:00pm

Anyone we pick up will see all content and may earn a spot over a core raider we have now. Below are a list of sites where you can go and read about who we are and what we have done.

www.Twitch.tv/pwnjobs (Live Steams every raid night)

Please add me to real ID or visit our site and join our mumble to chat more.
Thats right I posted on your post.. and what!

ill tank for u this week
Monks are hot
You're hot

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