Turning while sapped

I sapped a hunter and he still some how stopped moving on his mount and then slowly turned around in a strange way like he was rapidly pressing his "A" or "D" buttons it wasn't lag as i was running at 88ms, and he didn't rubber band back or forward I'm wondering if its some kinda targeting macro that's auto targeting me when i sap doing it or a hack of some kind. either way blizz should look into it.
It's a bug that happens with keyboard turners.

It's kinda funny when it happens.
It's a bug that happens with keyboard turners.

Keyboard turners confirmed 2200.
It didn't seem like he was out of control, but rather trying to turn to see me as i had sapped him on my way to another flag. He wasn't turning when i sapped him, he was mounted and headed in a straight line, which is why it seemed kinda suspect.
Just a bug, I've seen it happen with various cc'd targets and, even funnier, DEAD ones....rotating corpses just make me giggle for some reason.

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