Enh shaman pvp - Grossly under represented


Resto on the other hand is grossly over represented. Elemental seems to be doing good.
This is common knowledge
Suprised we're not dead last.
Although most the other specs are either:
A) A tank spec. They don't work in pvp because everyone has too much self sustain for thier low DPS.
B) Have an extremely strong other spec. Fire Mage and Combat Rogue both no doubt don't get played due to Frost and Subtly.

Then again we sort of fall into B as well since Resto is so strong.

Sadly we're also quite far down in PvE.
The few, the proud.

(not that i have pvp'd much since BC)
First expansion I've decided to PvP as enhancement - always done resto since BC. I'm loving it, TBH. It's not super strong but I've still been having a good time, granted I only pvp casually.

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