<A> OS PR Run [Glory of the Pandaria Raider]

Ooh Shiny is sponsoring [Glory of the Pandaria Raider]. Good Ol' PR for ya

The runs are currently going to be for wed/fri from midnight server to 3am EST starting on fenris. This run is open to anyone on the Whirlwind Battlegroup.

We are going to open this up to non guildies which is why the plan is to run it on 25m to get as many ppl their achievements as possible, even though we ARE recruiting for main progression runs.

This is NOT a gearing or ALT run.

Vent (will be linked in raid)
Min ILev of 480
Kill proof of 16/16 on the toon your planning on bringing. (i'm not planning on teaching mechanics you should already know.)
ALL gems/enchants in proper place
Ability to listen and take constructive criticism
Your own flasks AND potions. You will be expected to pre-pot.
You MUST go research all the achieves. If everyone knows what is going on the run will be more efficient.

These runs will also be logged and posted on World of Logs. (so we can analyze new recruits, and so attendees can refine themselves)

I don't plan on wasting time, so people who attend and fail to meet necessary awareness and number standards will be replaced. This isn't elitist, but we plan on getting this done in a timely manner.

If your interested in this run. contact myself (Vaharesh @ Fenris) or Fairit ingame. or post on the home thread.

Grouping will start at 11:30pm EST

See ya there

Vaharesh @ Fenris
"Stay Shiny"

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