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All you need to do is wait until your server has reached its dead hours. I almost did it today. Just couldn't find the hair despite looking throughout the entire area.
I stopped bothering after he started talking crap to me and I realized I had to actually look around for the parts. Quite frankly, one of those things he gives you isn't worth being ridiculed by a head for x amount of time.
Claims don't want players competing over mobs -> create quest where players fight over quest item spawns ...


And then ties an achievement to it that is required for a meta achievement with a title attached.
i will never do this quest again.

under 10 minutes ROFL. i dont need 10 more acheve points that bad.
Suck it Blizzard, my low-pop server made this quest pretty fun! Better throw some CRZ onto the Isle of Thunder to make sure I don't feel like I made a good decision by being here!
Agreed, worst quest and worst Achivment ever!

Now if the Pieces Same places and didn't despawn, then it would work a bit better.
That or just change it to just compleateing the quest 2 times would be sufficiant enough work, espcially for the giving rewards.

Main problems I found:
Never respawn in the same place twice.
Really difficult to find. (especially when being attacked and aggro gets 3/4 the area)
That jumping game with the scumblade lizards is a headache because you will miss and end up who knows where and have to run like triple the distance back.
And this isn't even getting to the parts where you have to deal with other people grabbing the pieces, and on PvP servers killing you repeatedly.

What you need to compleate the achivment:
Really Good Dumb Luck!
1. Find the piece fast. <5 secs
2. Get to piece easily <30 secs (including lizard area)
3. Get piece before anyone else.
4. Repeat for other areas.

But we all know what the response will be from Blizz and Trolls.
"That's What Makes It An ACHIVEMENT!"

All I can say is they need to either fix it or remove it as a requirement for the Stormbreaker Title.
Yeah, between the snooty whispers and the lack of parts, I abandoned it. Let 'im rot.
It wasn't that bad, I just completed it as I did the dailies. Now Compy Stomp, that quest was awful.
I think I actually hate this quest more then Fatty Goatsteaks on a 'Full' population realm.
I'm a pretty easy going person, so to have something get to me badly enough to want to scream achievement.

I'm one of those poor souls aiming for the Stormbreaker achievement, and so that means completing it in 10 minutes. I had all four and was going to turn it in when, of course, I got ganked.

I'm not complaining about being ganked, mind. PVP server, I know what I signed up for. Doesn't mean I won't be utterly po'ed about missing the timer, though. I had just enough time.

Hang in there, whoever's trying for it. You have my sympathy.

edit: Oh, and it does seem easier to go for the pieces when you're a mage. Invisibility right when you need to and drop that train of trolls/mogu/whatever you've got following you.
The good news for achievement hunters is that next week you'll probably only have 1/10th of the people actually trying to do the quest, so it should be easier to manage. The lack of fun works to your advantage!
I had no trouble with it whatsoever. It seemed quite simple, straightforward, and not at all difficult.

I've seen much more frustrating quests. Some of the Golden Lotus dailies made me want to rip my hair out and run around cursing in Demonic the first time I tried to do them. This...this was nothing.
The challenge of this quest should be tracking down and getting to the spot where the parts are, not racing your fellow players there and hoping you are the first one to click. The Isle of Thunder is about the server-wide effort to unlock the entire island. To put a quest like this on the island kinda goes against that goal.

The items should either stay at a location for a set time, or despawn 5 mins or so after someone loots it for the first time (if it has to move at all).

That's a good point. We are going from a we're cooperating to a ninja-fest, Lord of the Flies. The childish jumping was not difficult; this quest would have been fine in some corner of swap of sorrows. But in the most crowded are of the game at the moment, it was frustrating.

It is more frustrating because I know that other, newer games are not like this. It seems like good MMO design for other players to be a good thing. That is definitely not the case here. Off hours on a low-pop realm, this is easy; a bit too much travel but no biggie. With enough other players this passes through horrible into nearly impossible. Why?
The thing that bothered me about this quest was that looting the item made it despawn for my party members. I usually do my dailies with my BF and this quest was a huge pain to do together since we'd have to find one spawn, get to it before anyone else to loot it, and then repeat the process. Luckily we were doing the quest at like 3:30 a.m., but the despawning points feels pretty terrible.

I'd much rather the pieces require more difficult platforming to reach, but not despawn when looted.
I had no trouble with it whatsoever. It seemed quite simple, straightforward, and not at all difficult.

I've seen much more frustrating quests. Some of the Golden Lotus dailies made me want to rip my hair out and run around cursing in Demonic the first time I tried to do them. This...this was nothing.

I don't mind the spawn points changing, or getting there only to find someone else nabbed it. It's just that I've never been able to do the precision climbing thing. My warrior, back in Wrath - couldn't climb Goldshire inn to get on the roof like everybody else could, couldn't get into the Ironforge Airfield - and this quest requires the same skills.

So - :P - one quest in the whole game I just won't do.

Golden Lotus dailies, I have no idea what's frustrating about those.
Unless they improve this quest I'm also going to be skipping it. It is not worth the frustration. I can find much better ways to spend my time than to try to do this one.
And then, along comes The Crumbling Chamberlain, proving that Blizzard have not learned that PVE players will accept difficult challenges, but not if the difficulty of those challenges depends entirely on the number of other competing players interfering.
What the hell did I just read? And what does Ghostcrawler have to do with content design?

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