pvp holydin need pvp macros

I haven't played in 3 years and plan on only playing this holy paladin but I need some useful macros, what are some useful macros you lads are using in 2v2 and 3v3 that would come in handy?

how do you guys handle mana etc?

I need cleansing macros and freedom macros without targeting even bubbles macros would be nice
cmon guys and how do I use mouseovers?
bump 4 justice
These videos might be useful.
Obviously a lot of it is personal playstyle and preference 'cause everyone has a different setup, but he gives good ideas.

By the way, the vids are by a 2000-2200ish Arena (last season) Holy Paladin. IMO, it's a bit overwhelming for a lowly-PvPer such as myself.


no no i really appreciate it man thank you
Here's a mouse over macro guide.


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