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I have WoW on my laptop. Unfortunately, it's apparently out of date. By pure coincidence, my family's computer was upgraded the exact same day as the 5.2 patch to 10.8.

The game still works on my laptop, but it's getting more and more "laggy", so I've decided to begin the switch over to the family computer.

The problem comes in while trying to install it:

I inserted the first CD from the Battle Chest (labeled "Burning Crusade Disc 1"), it loaded to 34%, then ejected itself automatically and asked to insert "Burning Crusade Disc 2", which I did.
This is where the problem begins:
When it reached 59%, it does NOT eject the "Burning Crusade Disc 2", but does ask me to insert "Burning Crusade Disc 1" again. When I try to manually eject it, it either does not respond, or it tells me that it cannot eject the CD because the Warcraft application is using it currently, and that I need to stop running the WoW application before I can eject it.

This has happened about four times now.

Please insert the disc labeled "Burning Crusade Disc 1."

The disk "The Burning Crusade 40.0 (disc 2)" couldn't be ejected because installer is using it.
Quit that application and try to eject the disk again."
The main issue is that old discs are causing this issue. You only need to use the most recent expansion discs or the digital World of Warcraft Setup file to install the game.
So I don't even need to use them? I can simply install the MoP CDs (DVDs, technically, I guess) and it'll work just fine on the other computer? I will have to try this when I get a chance...

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