Seeking a social, all around guild :) (H)


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and put forth my interest in finding a guild of friendly folks to enjoy the game with. I am a long time WoW player who has come and gone from expansion to expansion. In the past year, I have picked up and moved from the U.S. to Hanoi, Vietnam where I teach English. My new living situation has presented me with a lot of spare time to get back into the game. I decided that rather than go back to one of my old characters, I would start things from scratch. Thus I have rolled a couple of characters on Tichondrius. My current emphasis has been on my priest, Thanaroa. I suppose I should not make this any longer than it already is, but simply put, it's my desire to get back into the game as a regular player. The type of guild I am seeking is really something that is an all-around group. Some raiding, some pvp, and just a fun social group.

If you think your guild is in line with my interests, I would love to hear from you :) Please message me here or in-game so we can talk more.

Thanks much!
Apologies for the self-bump. Hoping to catch the glimpse of someone who may be of assistance :)
Hey there,

My guild is a pretty laid-back group of friendly folks. We aren't a huge guild, but we are pretty active, especially evenings and midday on the weekends. We have a lot of east coasters, but a pretty solid group of west coasters as well. We even have a few Canadians :-)

We are mostly PvE, but we have a few folks who enjoy PvP and run random dungeons and the occassional random BG or arena together.

We try to be chatty in guild chat, but sometimes find it easier to just hop in vent and chat that way :-)

Our bank has some open tabs with both current end-level and leveling items that people will find helpful. And the repairs are always on the guild.

You can read more about us here:

A few guildies even stopped by to relate their guild experience.

If you have questions, feel free to find me in game or to throw them up here.

Good luck in your guild search!

Hmm....not looking to go horde full time but I do plan on possibly playing a horde alt a bit more. I may look into you guys myself ^_~
Cool deal Lil :-)

We promise not to rag you too much for being an Alliance sympathizer :-P

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