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Mobile Bug Report
I have an issue with my mobile app as of late. Currently any events set up via the in-game calendar are not able to be displayed. The event is there however when I click on it I get an error saying it can not be displayed. This is not a huge deal however I am at work and I wanted to see how many people we had signed up and talk to people to see if we need to pug. Is there a bug with the armory currently?
Having the same problem.
Also having this issue, this is what is showing when I access guild events:

Only an issue for guild events, Blizz created events (i.e. Darkmoon Faire) do not have any issues.

Using a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH T-999) on Android 4.1.1.
We're aware of this issue and will have it resolved in next day or so.

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