Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Bump! still LFM.
Added you on Battlenet
Mainly looking for DPS now!
A solid mix of DPS!

Lots of interest so far! Still looking :)
LFM keen players
Hi Letti, due to limited server opportunities, I am unable to be 16/16 NM and only killed 9 bosses this tier.

Nonetheless, I am looking to do better and will server transfer to meet that goal. I am currently 492 geared, and love and understand my class deeply (theorycraft fan here).

If you are willing to take someone with the spirit to learn (and I promise I learn pretty darn fast) and commit, check out my advert and contact me bibibabibu#1742

My ad: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8197590543
Bump for updates.
And again!
Changing my mind like the wind! Alright updated and permanent raid schedule in place!

LFM keen DPS to complete the team!
LFM keen DPS to complete the team!

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