Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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three oh three.
hello letti im on frostmourne and looking for a new guild my one has stopped raiding and now im left without a raiding group ill talk to you online when i get home im interested in the spot you have thank you im a 497 fire mage

Hi Heliann,

Haven't heard from you yet, looking forward to chatting with you soon.


thats ok i apologise i havnt been at home to talk to you yet im on frostmourne horde i will transfer over and talk to you thank you for the patience been a busy day with the family sorry will talk to you soon
Hi again Heliann,

Look forward to speaking with you when you faction change.

LFM keen raiders.
Bump for raiders, casuals and all things alike!
Interested in the following classes and roles:

Moonkin (Restoration OS)
DK (must be viable with both specs DPS & Tank)
Possibly a DPS Warrior (must have viable Tank spec)

Afternoon bump.
Seeking a brilliant Death Knight or a Mage! :]
Mages and Death Knights - we want you!

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