Blacksmithing, is it worth it?

Well as the title suggest, is it worth it? I have recently gotten my BSing up into the high 500's and it seems to just stop at 565. I'm just wondering if BSing was the right thing to get into since I picked the game back up. It seems like everything I can make is either replaced by rep gear or quest rewards.

Also, what can blacksmiths do to make money these days in MoP?

Because of the delay, crafted pvp gear will probably not take off, same for the crafted 522. The new transmog weapons should sell.
I dont recall learning to make buckles, and where do you learn the PVP gear; and please forgive, I started in vanilla but quit for awhile and picked it back up 3 or 4 months ago.
Buckles are learned from the klaxxi. the new pvp patterns are from a daily discovery that we cant make yet since the mob that drops the pattern is not available to be killed yet.
So after a bit of farming I've gotten my BSing to 600 and I have the belt buckle from the Klaxxi, but after looking at the Prismatic gems that can fit into the socket. How are they worth it, unless there is a gem that that's better than +4 stats that I'm not seeing.
Prismatic sockets just means that any color of gem will work and still get the socket bonus.
Its not so much the gem type its the extra gem slot that makes buckles worth it. Not that I actually make any thing and sell it.
Ill say that Blacksmithing is more of a benefit to a Tanking spec character. Usually u will also take mining as second profession. Which at lvl600 gives u toughness boost of 450 stamina. Blacksmiths also get the prismatic slots for gloves and bracers which can be a ton of stamina or help with a tanks exp/hit cap. As far as sales and money making ability, on my server the Living Steel Belt Buckles and Weapons Chains usually sell for around 1k gold and usually at no cost to myself but i agree with the above post that once the weapons mods come out Blacksmiths will probably have the best money making proffesion there is.

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