515 Shadowpriest LF 10/25 Raiding Guild.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Patch 5.1 - 16/16H
Patch 5.2 - 11/12N

Unfortunately my current guild has suffered too many losses with core players having to stop raiding due to things such as uni and other real life issues.

I am hoping to join a guild that maintains a high level of play along with a fun raiding environment. I can only raid from 8pm AEST onwards.

You can view my logs @ http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/us/Jubei'Thos/Lysium/ - All logs are current.

Real ID: Lysium#1742
Brilliant player and also one of the funniest guys you will meet lol
Do you have a mistweaver?
^ lol.
Focused @ frostmourne currently looking for a spriest for our ranged lineup.

Currently 5/12

Would love to speak to you soon, maizoku#1321

visit us at www.focused.enjin.com

Talk to you soon!
<Ajantis> formed mid-2006 is one of Oceania's long standing 25man guilds looking for dedicated & exceptional players. Apply @ http://www.ajantis-guild.com

5.1 - 15/16 Heroic
5.2 - 11/12 Normal
Still looking.
Checkout http://www.furiousguild.com.au/forum/m/7907210/viewthread/6212333-applicant-readme

I have added your real id if you have any questions. Cheers.
Hi there!

My guild looking to fill last spot.


or add me: Kimpa20#1327
Ultimate is a 25m raiding guild on frostmourne that raids from 1230am (Midnight) - 330am Wed/Thurs/Mon. We're primarily a GMT+8 guild so that translates to 930pm-1230am GMT+8. In 5.1 we managed to achieve 13/16HM, and we're 9/12 5.2 ATM as blizzards has been killing us with maintenance/shutdown during our raid times/days for the past 2 weeks. If interested, kindly apply at www.ultimate-guild.com
2/13HM 10 man looking for 1 dps for our core team.

raid times:
Wednesday: 8pm-11pm ST(GMT+10)
Saturday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)
Sunday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)

For more info add: Rachel#1517

www.wipesforsale.com for applications.
Hi Lysium,

<The Cabal> is a 25m heroic progression guild on Frostmourne, and we are currently recruiting ranged DPS.

We raid on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon from 8pm to 12am AEST.

Our current progression is 1/13 Heroic ToT
(wiped Horridon on last phase at 25%)

Feel free to add me if you are interested! My Real ID is Shaidee#1596


Apply directly: http://thecabal.wowstead.com/forums/public-forum/recruitment

Best Regards,

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