[A] <Monolithic> - 25m - Few DPS Needed

Monolithic is looking for experienced and dedicated raiders to help fill our ranks. We are currently recruiting to fill out our roster. We are transitioning to 25man raiding.

We are actively seeking the following raiders over iLvL 515:

  • Cloth DPS
  • Boomkin
  • Hunter
  • Elemental Shammy
  • We finished Tier 14 4/6 HMSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES with elite mode down.
    We are currently 1/13 heroic mode in ToT

    Our raid days are times are Wed/Thur/Mon 8-11pm EST

    Monolithic is a guild consisting of experienced players who share past raiding and guild experience. We function as a tight family, who provide each other with assistance when needed. Players are expected to adapt to situations to further the guild and it’s progression which include: helping with gear crafting as well as consumables, enchants, and gems, learning strategies that are unique to the individuals role, adapting play style and spec to better assist the raid and guild.

    Please visit www.monolithicguild.com for applications.

    Contacts: Imgoosé or Bamine
    Website: http://www.monolithicguild.com
    I would also like to add that we accept all casual players as well. We are striving to build a solid progression raid team as well as a good community for our members to enjoy there time in the guild.
    Still seeking more!
    we are also looking for a Mistweaver Monk.
    Class needs updated!
    Now seeking DPS Shammy ontop of the prior classes
    Still seeking applicants!
    Still searching
    Updated after weekend!
    Updated for the reset!
    Updated after the weekend
    Close of raid week - Updated!
    Wear cloth??
    need more DPS!
    Still seeking recruits
    Although i do not fit the description of Cloth/dps. I am an experienced raider looking to go back to Alliance. This toon is 2/13H and is currently transitioned to my main and will remain that way. I dislike inconsistency and it is becoming more and more frequent on my server, that and i am quite fond of the Nelf Model. 350-450k Burst 180ish sustained. 60MS Avg Lat. 100Fps Avg (guess) FPS. Playing on a 4700USD Computer meant for Software development with a couple beastly GPU's thrown in.
    Barricadeathyjal@hotmail.com for more in-game information. Usually on between 6pm and 4AM EST.
    BTW i found a log although not recent.

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