Spark of Zandalar

Has anyone else gotten this trinket? I feel like it's rarely up and for me to get 10 stacks it takes around 1.5 minutes. I've been using some sims to test numbers and the DMF trinket is currently higher for me than my ilvl 528 Spark. The normal versions of Darkmist Vortex and Lei Shen's Final Orders are higher than it as well. Can anybody else post about their experiences with this trinket? I'd assume that at an ilvl 528 (thunderforged), it should have blown the other trinkets out of the water.
It's crappy rng ppm. They might buff all the trinkets, people are having too much of an issue trying to get stacks going, and it sucks that it wouldnt even proc during CDs
Yeah, considering on a lot of fights you lust on the pull and/or blow CDs on the pull, having it proc and not lining up with any CDs blows. Hopefully they do something to address this.
I cant say I havent had much of an issue, it seems to proc and stack at a fairly decent rate for me
Might be because you have 4.5% more haste than me? I'm not too sure. I tested it for an hour on a target dummy and the proc rate was horrible the whole time. Maybe I need to go back and pair it with a Lei Shen's.
Why would you even attempt pairing it with a Vortex? That thing has always been terrible due to its long ICD.
Don't have anything better at the moment. Hopefully I'll get a Lei Shen's tonight.
No DMR:X, either, I take it? Good luck with the Final Orders.
Yea, holy sheet, I just got it tonight and as far as I can tell it is complete garbage. I spammed attacks on a dummy and it took a little more than 2 minutes for it to actually accumulate 10 stacks. Did they really buff the PPM or what, it really doesn't seem like it. If you look at my armory, you can see I have no shortage of haste too, I have a ton actually.

Really disappointing, I was so hyped for another Deathbringers Will style trinket but so far it's not so great. Before now I had been looking at Mr.Robot and saw this worse than both my Vortex and Heroic Lei shins orders and thought it was bugged. I've read a post by that site though and they explain why it's so low. Please Blizzard, if you buffed these trinkets already, they weren't good enough. Do it again.
i haven't had this trinket long but it seems to process a lot. last night on horridon it procedures about 15 give or take a few times. not sure why others are having issues.
stupid auto correct. i am curious about the above mentioned feed about why it was worse than the others Joeseph.
not sure why others are having issues.

Its because you necroed a thread that is 2 months old.
not sure why others are having issues.

Because the trinkets were changed to the RPPM functionality after this thread went up.

Chekc post dates, people. -_-
It`s a terrible trinket! I don't know why blizzard waist time to build such a crappy and deceptive trinket! After long testing the 530 Spark of Zandalari Trinket and the 476 Relic of Xuen Trinket, the 476 won by 4k dps difference. Spark takes too long to generate the 10 stacks required. Blizzard should refix it. Lower the stacks to 3-5 or raise the procs rate, cause it`s ridiculous and frustrating.
Double necro!

RPPM trinkets are going to suck if you try testing them on a dummy and when you're gemming so you're shorting yourself almost 2000 haste rating. I'll let you think about why.

And use your freaking profession gems. Neither of your spec gear sets have them.
What. Did. I. JUST SAY?!

Check post dates, for Magni's sake! >_<
Why did you change the spark of zandalar, cayse? did you discover that this trinket sucks?
It sucks for soloing old raids and things where I need a lot of burst in the first 30 seconds or need something dead in 10.

RPPM trinkets are all significantly worse outside a raid compared to inside a raid, and as I told you before, the reasons should be quite obvious. A 522 Talisman isn't even close to a 536 Spark while raiding.

Next you're going to ask me if holy prism is better than execution because I spend most of the week logged out with it.

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