[A] Disc Priest LF core spot for progression


I am looking for a 10 man progression group to raid with every week. My guild is ceasing raiding and I would like to find a new home. This week we went 2/12 in ToT - looking to join a guild that is 2/12 or beyond that aims to hit heroics as soon as possible.

I keep 100% attendance.
I avoid drama.
I come prepared, even when it is expensive to do so.
I can talk on Ventrilo, Mumble, and Teamspeak.
I am an adult and prefer a raid-focused, drama free environment.

I stopped playing WoW for a year and missed most of Cataclysm. Came back at MoP, but got a late start on real progression - we entered 5.2 at 3/16H.

I have been playing my priest since BC, always as a healer. Currently I am set up for Disc, but can switch to holy as needed.

Contact me here or in-game! Thanks.
<Dawning Nemesis>(lvl25) 10m
Focused on ToT progression - 2/12
Raids Mon / Thurs 9pm-12am est with old content on off nights.
In need of a strong disc priest.
Fairly new as a team, though we have all been playing for years, all are 495+ilvl
If interested add my battletag Ready#1311 and we can chat more
<One Shot> is an adult, 10 man, progression raiding guild. I would like to speak with you about what you are looking for in a guild. Raid times and how serious you may be, as well as you spec. Please real ID me or check out our site.

You ever played shadow? We're LF a disc/shadow priest...
Never. Specced shadow once for a week to try it out and that is all. I've done nothing but heal since BC.
<At all Cost> 10 man guild would love to have you, as a guild we started of Mist but then took a break, now we are back to conquer ToT, not everyone has returned so we are looking to fill spots for our core group. We are a solid group with more than half the members having been in Heroic made progression some time for another an we are looking for one more Raid healer.

If interested contact me ingame or send me an email at darsh927@gmail.com
Hi. Our 10 man group is currently seeking exceptional players for a few open spots. We were 6/16 H in t14 and looking to do even better in t15. While we do have a priest in our group already, I am flexible as to what spec I play and am always open to bringing in reliable and skilled players. You can speak to me, Avaelyn, or Myrenia in game if you'd like to find out more. Thanks!
Hey there! Ungodly Wrath is looking for raiders that can raid tues, thurs, Sund from 10:30 pm -1:30am server time. We are 15/16N. We are really looking for players that like to research and fine tune their class. We would love to have someone who has done most of the fights in MoP, but thats not a barrier to membership. Please message myself, Viks, Ironyman or Zakaveli on line. Also check us out online at www.UngodlyWrath.com.
If you are still looking for a home.... We are a 10m semi-hardcore progression guild and are currently looking for a Priest healer to fill out our raid team... We raid 8-11EST tues-thurs and are currently 4/12 ToT... If you have any questions please contact me through battletag... doubey421#1210

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