Item Upgrades Not Current (iOS)

Mobile Bug Report
When logging in today to see what items are in store with the defeat of the new Throne of Thunder bosses I noticed nothing higher than 516 bracers for my Ret Pally.

I already have the Valor neckpiece and there's nothing in the upgrade database.

The App Store doesn't offer a Mobile Armory update. So, am I missing something? Or, is the app going to catch up to 5.2 content offerings soon?
This is a known issue that we are working to resolve.
As of right now, this issue is slightly different than described by Dewclaw.

Not only is the Throne of Thunder loot not displayed under the bosses OR under "all items", but for 10 man, the only loot shown is patterns. These patterns do not drop in Throne of Thunder.
For 25 man, there's lots of gear and patterns ranging from item level 18 to item level 496, and there's also Sigil of Wisdom and Heart of the Thunder King, but there isn't any gear from Throne of Thunder.

It was quite amusing to look at a pair of lowbie pants with 6 intellect and 6 stamina that say they drop from "Sul the Sandcrawler (Heroic) - Throne of Thunder".

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