Real Proc Per Minute (RPPM) Trinket Changes

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Does 'average proc interval' include the effects of haste, or does it just the base value?
Oh how I was hoping this was a higher proc from loot in LFR after you don't get anything after awhile...
We added a bit of cheating in the player’s favor to avoid long streaks of bad luck.

Thought they meant lfr loot drop rates. LOL
Oh how I was hoping this was a higher proc from loot in LFR after you don't get anything after awhile...

Came here to say the same thing....maybe now you can apply this algorithm to LFR looting.
Increasing Lightning-Imbued Chalice by 5% is not going to change the fact that a random heal every minute and a half is still terrible. This type of trinket with no mana regeneration whatsoever needs to be procing every 30-45 seconds to stay competitive with its spirit counterparts. I would even be willing to see its proc slightly nerfed as long as it is actually healing in short reliable intervals.
I guess what I do not understand is that the old system for trinkets worked fine.

Now all of sudden you decide to make a new system and people realize it is so bad that none of the trinkets are as good as the old trinkets even with the higher ilevel.

So you rush to up the proc chances to try and get them better than the old trinkets.

Why not... make them work like they always did and stop this mess until next expansion when you have more time to work on it internally.

A hunter who is still not sure if it is worth it to get a new trinket while Blizzard is playing with proc rates.
Any random procs aren't "cool" imo
03/13/2013 11:12 AMPosted by Ariktu
I guess what I do not understand is that the old system for trinkets worked fine.

ICD PPM is fine, as it puts a floor on how frequently the procs can happen, but traditional PPM w/o an ICD is very broken and not normalized across all classes/specs. How can it be fair that a dual-wield gcd-capped AoE-cleave DPS would get 3-5x the proc rate as another single-wield, resource-capped single-target DPS? For the sake of balance, both in PvE and PvP, RPPM is a step in the right direction.

I'm going to assume the AverageProcInterval (in seconds) is something like:
Max[ICD, 60 / (RPPM * HasteMod)]
I'm honestly thinking they are still a bit bugged. I haven't noticed a change in Bad Juju (Thunderforged) since this hotfix hit-and I've been testing it, a lot.

I've gone a good 3-4 min with out a proc which makes the trinket not worth using. A 522 item shouldn't be a dps loss regardless of what trinket it is if it is for your spec.
Now if only that same formula could be used on LFR drops :)
A trinket that is intended to proc every 1 minute could in theory go 8 minutes or more without activating.

Perhaps this is why your internals are having such issues. Do you not realize the absurdity in this statement, or have I failed for 40 odd years in comprehending what 'intended' means?

If you're looking for true variability in trinket procs and "INTEND" for them to be once per minute then you make the ICD a lil shorter but extend the window to proc by the remainder of said one minute... I.E. 30s ICD and a 30s guaranteed window to proc.
Yeah Bad Juju still feels terrible. On target dummy testing the proc is still completely unpredictable, and I went 5 minutes without a proc.

Can we please just have the old PPM system back?

I agree with bringing back old PPM. I just got Horridon's Last Gasp last night and I was so pumped...until I noticed the very little procs I get, on top of the very little mana gained. Just tested the "buffed" rates and it's still not very good, at least in my opinion. My vote is for the same 10% the DPS trinkets received, assuming old PPM isn't an option.
I have the following trinkets from MoP (5.0 / 5.1)... none from Throne of Thunder yet... as of last nite... based on the hour or two of playing I did with both equipped, they seem to proc very often. I'm not sure if you guys are saying the proc rate will be different for new trinkets or what.

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Wish windwalker monks had some TEB stacks to use with our instantly procc'ing trinkets...

*hint hint*
03/13/2013 01:39 PMPosted by Advanced
Wish windwalker monks had some TEB stacks to use with our instantly procc'ing trinkets...

This is off-topic, but I do agree: it is kind of clunky that when trinkets proc at the start of a fight, WW has no/minimal TEB stacks to use. Possibly Monks could get a CD (5min-ish) that gives 10 stacks of their Brew/Tea on-demand?

• Horridon's Last Gasp
• Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn
• Stolen Relic of Zuldazar
• Lightning-Imbued Chalice

These trinkets needed a 200%-1000% buff, not a 5% buff. I have zero intention of using Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn, Stolen Relic of Zuldazar or Lightning-Imbued Chalice over my 476 Relic of Chi-Ji, they're that bad. Even Horridon's Last Gasp is an extremely minimal upgrade considering the massive iLvl jump.
No I don't even know for sure where blizz is based. Is it anaheim? Charity starts at home. That's where it's most meaningful I believe. Hey big props to blizz for things like this hospital in Memphis and disaster relief campaigns. It's the little things done locally that. An have the biggest impact. I'm sure many of us have donated $10 dollars to support a deserving family at.xmas time or something along those lines.

So basically in your mind charity is only nice if you can see the benefit with your own eyes. Would you rather feed one hungry person in your hometown or feed 100 in another starving country?
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03/13/2013 09:42 AMPosted by Moarbier
For 5.2, we made a change to trinkets to make them less predictable and less boring with the RPPM system.

Ok, is anyone else beginning to feel like we are being subjected to a curse rather than a benefit here? What comes to mind is this "May you live in interesting times."

There are some things in this game that should simply be functional.

As a player, I don't need every single thing to be interesting. I do not need my AOE rotation to be interesting (GC mentioned this a while ago, I think with regard to priests). I do not need my trinket proc to be interesting. I merely need it to be functional.

Now, I want my character to be interesting, I want lore to be interesting, I want my rotation to be somewhat interesting in that it's not one button, but as far as my rotation goes, above all things, as a raider, I simply want it to be functional. I want to be able to get the job done without "interesting complexity" that simply turns out to be mindless, pointless complexity for some vague "interesting" goal.

I find interest in the enounters themselves, in the world of Pandaria, in the people I meet along the way. Those are all truly interesting.

But, an interesting RPPM proc that is not functional does not support my goals in the game. Perhaps it is interesting to theorycrafters. However, I would much rather not be subjected to this kind of rng when it comes to my trinket of all things. For goodness sake, just make it work.

And please, lay off the "interesting" occasionally, and focus just a bit more on basic, simple functionality.
I couldn't have said it better. Interestingly enough, this type of RNG is undesireable. Short story: new content, may it be just one aspect, not competitive w/ old content is just a sham. Who wants to buy into a sham? Aka pay for game this kind of junk. Oh and the healer trinkets in 5.2 ... they absolutely suck. PERIOD. Players want to have controle over their characters. THE END.

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