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So, are we going to get any response on how terrible these trinkets are (especially the healer ones), Blizzard?

I actually got the Lightning-Imbued Chalice last night. Every assumption I made about this trinket was correct, it procs way too infrequently and is almost always overheal. I really traded 1313 Spirit for this?

Sigh. At least it has some flat intellect on it.

"Interesting" trinkets aren't actually "interesting" when they're extremely underpowered.
Who actually complained about trinkets being not being fun and interesting? Pretty sure most people liked their trinkets being reliable and consistent. The trinkets this tier especially the healer trinkets are crap.
most of the trinkets are crap. id rather have ones that turn me into something or something else stupid.
I just want to go back to the old system. sometimes blizz you just change things for changing. Change isnt always good.
This needs to be changed to reset to the 16.5x multiplier on a boss pull, rather than after X amount of time. The way it's working right now, it doesn't help much during progression, when you usually have less than 5 minutes between your last proc and the start of your next attempt. In fact, from my experience, even with this change, I usually don't get Wushoolay's Final Choice to proc within the first thirty seconds or so of a fight.

I'm seriously considering swapping that for my old Light of the Cosmos due to how unreliable and useless this trinket seems.
I'm nothing but disappointed with the healer trinkets at the moment. Extremely random and rare procs for healers that provide direct throughput are not only underpowered but frustrating and lead to overheals.

I'm just going to presume that something is going to change? Or, maybe more realistically and less sarcastically than I like, can the hydra bag turn me in to a hydra for a short period of time; that's cooler than a random shield procing once every 2 minutes on someone taking no damage.
RPPM model favoring DoT classes?

If I have understood the RPPM model right, the proc chance on trinkets is now a random event with no ICD and has a streakbreaking functionality built in.

I extend this to mean that at a certain point of time, your chance to proc <trinket> is x% and if you dont, the next instant it improves to (x+dx)%.

But since the chance to proc is an independent and identically distributed R.V. across events at that given instant, having more events happening for you at a given instant would give you more shots at procc'ing that trinket at that instant.

Theoretical example:

Elemental shaman with Flame Shock up on single target - 1 tick every 2 seconds, and casting a spell every second (rather far-fetched and radical, but lets bake in overload and all the jazz). So every 2 seconds, the shaman has 4 events going.

Affliction Warlock - UA + Agony + Corruption + Malefic Grasp - 3 DoTs ticking every 2 seconds and Malefic Grasp ticking every second - plus it causing every DoT to echo every 2 seconds - so the number of events = {3(DoTs)*2(1:real+1:malefic echo)} + 2(malefic) = 8 events going over 2 seconds.

If each event has a probability x (<=1) of triggering a proc, at instant t, then the shaman has 2x probability of triggering it while the warlock has 4x probability of triggering it (normalized to a second).

This means the shaman has a higher chance to fail and hit instant t+dt where he'll have a 2(x+dx) chance of trigger it. But remember, on relatively lesser chance of the lock failing, he'll have a 4(x+dx) chance of triggering the proc.

So, by induction, the lock has a faster streakbreak than the shaman and also a higher flat out spot probability of triggering a proc.

If this is so, is this intended? Why the imbalance?

If it is not so, please point out where my reasoning is wrong (with blue post backing please).
Horridon's Last Gasp died its last gasp last night as I disenchanted it in favor of Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal.

To explain why: I tried the first Throne of Thunder LFR with Horridon's Last Gasp. It was an AWFUL experience. I was OOM halfway through several boss fights to the point where I couldn't cast anything, and barely able to cast for the rest of them. As a result, I was the lowest HPS of the first five healers listed in recount in the LFR. I hadn't had that happen in several months when I was much lower iLvl.

Then, I tried it again twice with the iLvl 476 item instead Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal. My HPS was first or second again nearly the entire time in recount, and I was never so OOM that I couldn't continue to pop off useful spells.

My perspective is that I don't care about the math of it, the iLvls of the items involved, or changing my rotation to account for the randomness of the proc'ing of the new trinket. Even having to think about that feels awful, and is depressing, so I'm not interested in analysing it further. I got rid of it.
Spark of Zandalar
You have to hit something 10 times or more to get your trinket to proc.
Rating: 2/10 (not interesting)

While fighting Primordius you do not look Fully Mutated while transformed.
Rating: 1/10 (not fun)

When it proc's you transform into a small Troll warrior.
Rating: 3/10 (I would prefer being a Tauren sized Troll warrior)

You can't mount up while you are transformed.
Rating: 0/10 (very uninteresting)

Overall Rating: 1.5/10
(rating system and opinions provided 'as is' no warranty expressed or implied)
this is horrible, so now as a healer do we not only get horrible trinkets in ToT to begin with now the horrible trinkets are all RNG great. just make everything on use so we can determine when we want to use them, like I need my healing trinket to proc at the beginning of a fight when im at 100% mana? and then proc again when there is a down time in healing ( now this would be great for a mp5 proc) but sadly only one trinket in ToT is an mp5 proc the rest are garbage. the vendor trinket is superior to these its on use, I love it compared to the rest and I prefer my tsulong trinket over any other trinket in TOT 7.4k spirit increase proc is superior to any other proc on healer trinkets in ToT
So what you're saying is to get Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal. :O DONE! Always looking to try things out, and I've noticed the trinkets I have aren't doing poop anyway.
To top it off, we increased the proc rates of the Agility and Strength trinkets in Throne of Thunder by 10% and the Intellect and Spirit trinkets by 5%.

Does this include the Shado Pan Assault trinkets?
Meanwhile, my Bad Juju is proccing back-to-back and making me a very, very happy hunter. :D

07/30/2013 08:15 AMPosted by Umbranar

Does this include the Shado Pan Assault trinkets?

I think all trinkets with procs 5.2 or later are now RPPM trinkets.

Right but are they getting the 10%/5% buff?

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