Time for RET !

Playing an H pally for the past 3 years, I can say that our survivability has gone down the drain.

Even they nerfed us terribly or they buffed all other classes and left us to rot either way RET here I come .
I don't PvP at all, but from reading what others have posted, I don't think you'll be very pleased with Ret either =\
Okay, just so you know, holy spec paladins will live way, way longer in bg's than either protection or ret specs. Protection is only good for protecting a node, and that's if you are paired with a healer. By yourself any other class spec will eventually kill you. No one will get you to carry a flag as we are silenced, then become unless and we have no mobility. Ret spec does ok in bg but often we are first to be focused as we are squishy. Ret is a " support" class but the way pvp is we can offer very little as we are to busy trying to keep ourselves alive, while trying to do some mediocre Dps. The only true and wanted spec in pvp are holy paladins. I have seen them live through some pretty crazy stuff. It's just so frigging sad that our other two specs are not up to par or balanced compared to other classes. This experience is based on rbg and arena not random battlegrounds.
Your gear is the new terrible, of course you're going to die quickly in that. Holy paladins are still absolutely fine in PvP.
I just recently respecced to holy from ret. I think if you got some more pvp gear it gets better. I've been grinding mal gear and each piece makes quite a difference once enchanted, reforged and gemmed. If you want to go anywhere past regular battlegrounds I think you're better off to stay holy until ret gets some unique utility to it own spec. Otherwise holy brings pretty much everything ret does, stays alive longer, and benefits a team imo more so than ret.

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