Resto Shaman with ToT Exp LF raiding team

10pm Start time is necessary.

Experience killing 1/12 (twice now) and I've attempted the second boss last night with research on the others.

Looking to roll back to Alliance. I played alliance the majority of my time spent in WoW. I am looking for a reliable team willing to push progression. I am just returning to focused raiding after my team imploded at the end of Cata due to attendance issues so reliability is important to me.
Hey there! Ungodly Wrath is looking for raiders that can raid tues, thurs, Sund from 10:30 pm -1:30am server time. We are 15/16N. We are really looking for players that like to research and fine tune their class. We would love to have someone who has done most of the fights in MoP, but thats not a barrier to membership. Please message myself, Viks, Ironyman or Zakaveli on line. Also check us out online at
Hi Laoah,

It looks like your progression is on par with where we are headed in 25man. Do you have a preference regarding raid size? I'd also like to know if you are comfortable with the idea of running Elemental MS and Restoration OS as the encounter needs. We raid Tue/Wed 10p-1 (required) with a "clean-up" run Mon 10p-1a (typically ends up cutting down to 10m on Mondays due to availability, so this is optional.)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please add me Invictis#1189 so we can discuss it further and/or visit our website at:

Thanks for your time,

If you are still looking for a home.... We are a 10m semi-hardcore progression guild and are currently looking for a resto sham to fill out our raid team... We raid 8-11EST tues-thurs and are currently 4/12 ToT... If you have any questions please contact me through battletag... doubey421#1210

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