[A] Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild.

I am looking for a raid team that raids on any, or all, of the following nights:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Preferably 8pm-11pm (central) server time. However; I could probably do a little earlier or a little later.

I am looking for a group that is progression minded. It doesn't have to be top of the line progression, but it should be the desire of the group to try to complete content. Raiders should have the desire to raid and show up every week. I do not want a group that consists of like 30 people for a 10man, because some1 or multiple people do not show up from night to night. I am also looking for a guild that has a primary focus of PVE. I do not like to pvp at all, and I don't think a heavy pvp guild looking to start a small raid team would be a good fit for me.

I would prefer 10man, but would consider 25man.

I have lots of raiding experience (both normal and heroic), and have been a raider since the beginning of Burning Crusade. I have experience healing, tanking, and dpsing. I love and excel best at healing, but I also enjoy tanking. I do not really care for dpsing at all.

I have a healer and tank for every spec. Basicly, to give me as much insight into the classes I work with as possible, in order to make myself a better, more rounded healer. I have experience both in leading healer teams, and raid leading. I take my characters seriously, and make sure I hit my haste thresholds as well as have the given flasks/food/gems/enchants for raiding.

This druid technically is an alt for me, since I have a priest that is currently in a group that is more progressed. I really enjoy my druid and would like to raid on her on a more regular basis than pugs.
Any insights on transferring? If so contact me hiendaloser#1395
<Raiders Of The Lost Orc> is recruiting a couple exceptional players for progression in a hard mode guild.

Raid times are Monday-Thurs 9-est to 12-est for progression.

The raid group is a tight core of 20 somethings most being 9/16hm+ and have been raiding together for multiple years. All are in the top 100 for parsing in 5.1 and continue that trend for this latest patch.

Due to lack of attendance this last week we had to pug 5 different healers over the week to down our 5/12, but with consistency would have no problem downing 12/12 and pushing hard modes by the end of the month.

About our server: Korgath is a high pop server with a 3:1 Allie-horde ratio and is known for skilled dedicated players in PVE and PVP as well. At least 20+ guilds are in TOT everyweek and normally get 3-4 40man raids for world boss tags. A very strong economy with lot of active trade and patterns

Contact retolydin (Cherret#1967) Mylene (Vannishh#2357)
Grown Ups is Recruiting. Take a look and see if we are what you are looking for.


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