[A] <Clinically Insane> recruiting ranged DPS

<Clinically Insane> is recently started by a group of in-game friends We have members from both east and west coast and we're most active anytime after 2-3pm server until 2am server throughout the week! We are always looking for serious raiders who are knowledgeable about their class and are up for a challenge! We're also looking for players looking for a laid back guild just to hang around with... Whether it's running old content, progressing through current hardmodes, raising MMR and RBG rating, or just want people to hangout with to do the daily grind.

- Currently recruiting -

- Currently recruiting - for main progression group
Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman, Boomkin, Warlock preferred.

+ ALT/2nd Group!
Tank - for POSSIBLE 2nd Group
Heals - for POSSIBLE 2nd Group

We're looking to start a 2nd group for 'alt runs' and heroic progression and eventually do some ToT. We're in no way looking to substitute our mains into these alt runs to help carry. So expect Heroic MSV, Bits of Heroic HOF, and some Elite ToES. The times will be on TUES, FRI, SAT, or MON.

Always looking for exceptional raiders that can challenge any of our DPS, Heals, or Tanks!

- Raid Times & Requirements -
Wednesday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm (PST/Server Time)
Thursday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm (PST/Server Time)
Sunday: 5:30pm - 8:30pm We plan to occasionally run a little later on sundays to work on progression - this only occurs if it's a 100% 10/10 group vote!

- 10 Man Progression -
Guild charter signed 02/22/13. Little disappointed that 5.2 LFR will have better gear than current content -.-' but regardless

Throne of Thunder King: 2/12 (Pre-Nerf)
Terrace of Endless Springs: 4/4 Normal
Heart of Fear: 6/6 Normal
Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 Normal | 2/6 Heroic

- Characters/Players are required to be 100% raid ready -
We are NOT taking any applicants without a working microphone! No exception.
Computer capable of handling raiding with raid addons installed.
Two maxed PvE Raid Professions. Maxed cooking is a bonus!
Reforged, Gem, and Enchanted to get the most out of your highest priority stat.
Know all boss mechanics and your character's role before raid.
Flasks/Potions for both Main Spec and Off-Spec.
275 feasts will be provided however we ask raiders to bring 300 food for progression bosses.

- Loot Rules -
Loot rules are Main Spec -> Off Spec rolls. However, we do ASK (but not required) you to help fellow raiders by passing on other people's BiS/2nd BiS gear. You will eventually get yours! =) Applicants are welcome to roll for loot!

- Benefits -
Free Repairs
Shared Raider Guild Tab
Access to free (cheaper) enchants and gems
Discounted expensive mats
Free use of mumble for any WoW related activity

- If you're interested in joining us -
Please contact Klumzyee, Chickenfing, Dorini, Meechi, or Papaghede in game with your armory updated with your current PvE Gear and Spec! Be ready to have a quick chat and a screen shot of your current UI in and out of combat! Also any WOL logs in normal mode raids would be helpful.

X-Realm please add Klumzyee#1851 but write 'raider application with your class and spec' in the notes or else request will be denied.


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