[A] EST Crit Got Real Tue/Wed

We are looking to bolster our ranks a few members to gain some flexibility and possibly add a weekend raid time also.

We are a little behind the curve ball ( 4 of 6) due to real life distractions (my mother stayed with my wife and I for 6 weeks!) but since we restarted we are doing well.

We could mainly use a few extra dps to continue momentum when real life gets in the way. We do have some flexibility on role as most of us have duel specs or duel mains.

We are of mixed age though mostly older (I'm 40). Things are pretty casual, willing to help people learn how to raid if needed. For more info look for Ferdinanda, Rathroar or Kyrié in game.
Successful run on Sunday night. Still looking for 1 or 2 people for some flexibility. Casual members also welcome. Forgot to mention we are a lvl 25 guild, some good perks to be had.

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