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My character profile is here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Bubbloeight/simple

I am a fairly new character and rarely do RBGs but when I checked my profile recently I noticed my win-loss record for Eye of the Storm (EOTS) is inaccurate. It shows 0-2 for EOTS when it should be 2-0 hence giving my current rbg rating.

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Same here. 2 weeks in a row now. 1 win each week was counted as a loss. Should be 2-0, instead I'm 0-2 in EoTS. I don't win a whole lot so I would like to get the credit on the rare occasion that I do. Put in a ticket last week and they acknowledged the problem was real but they won't fix my record. Guess $15/month doesn't pay for someone to swap a 2 and a 0.

I was awarded the conquest points for these victories but I'm not sure what each one did to my rating. I didn't check after each game. But I've only played 11 RBGs, so 2 fake losses would probably make a huge difference in mmr, if they were counted against me. Now I'm 3-8, instead of 5-6.

Please fix this blizz.

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