Looking for a new PVP home. <3

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Hello fellow onceanic players! Long time player here recently started getting into pvp hard And now looking to make a switch since i cannot find a RBG team at all.
Anyone looking for a windwalker monk With a offspec as mist im willing to transfer providing i get a shot.
I also have friend's that play a SP And warlock looking to follow to thew new home.
If you can be kind enough to give us a home with the following we will be more than happy to help build the guild up teach new players. Possibly even RBG Lead.

Thank you :)
Whisper me in game, i may be on my rogue deadlymiho - on barthilas server. If ur willing faction Xfer also that is. My guild has two established RBG teams with scope for a 3rd, and on off nights we run with our alts/trials in the guild.

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